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Singapore - Part 4

Day 4 - Sunday

We had avocado drink somewhere at Ang Mo Kio and it was really refreshing. I forgot to snap photo as Wyenn's bf asked why we Malaysian like to take photos so much. LOL. I forgot to tell him that's what bloggers do. Besides, I am a traveler visiting his country and shouldn't he be proud? =P

After that, we had a stroll @ Clarke Quay. I saw some bungy jumping and free fall activities going on and GOSH! How I wish I can participate. But I heard that it's pricey and there's no one to accompany me. >___<

Wanna go One Night Stand? It's actually a comedy club/pub where you can find some jokers on stage crapping all night long, trying to make the audience laugh. =P

They have a pub called 'The Clinic' too. And it really look like a clinic. I ain't gonna sit on those wheelchairs! :S

Day 5 - Monday

Woke up early that morning and took MRT back to Bedok. Wow. It was Monday and I don't have to work! The feeling was really great when I saw ppl hectically trying to catch train to work while I can go shopping! Muhahahahah.

I followed Mr. Bf's parents and sister out while he went to meet his friend. I opted Mos Burger for lunchie and it costed around $10-$12 I think. I had their rice burger with beef and it didn't taste as great as I thought it would be. But afterall, it's worth a try for a rice burger. =(

See? No bun at all.

After that, I took train to Bishan to meet Ee Von. And we went shopping for shoes at Charles and Keith. She told me that she and another friend crazily bought 10 pairs of heels/flats from the shop in ONE DAY! Gosh. Women's money can be earned easily eh?

Please ignore the thighs ... I should edit this pic before uploading! >_<

We went for tea at Wan Chai Restaurant.

The Ying Yang (mixture of tea and coffee) was great as it came with a scoop of ice cream. Fattening! >___<

After that, I went Bugis (again) alone and explored the place on my own while waiting for dinner time. ^____^

Met Wyenn and Bunny (that's a nick for Robin) for dinner at Ajisen Ramen. Gosh. I didn't know we have that in Msia too until few days ago when I saw that in Gurney. =(

Soft Shell Crabs.

Mayo Prawns.

Everyone ordered this -> Cray Fish Ramen. HO CIAK!

After dinner, we hanged out at the shopping area for a little while before saying our last good byes. Hmm. I wonder when will we meet again? Hehe. Hopefully, SOON ya peeps!

I wanted to get one of these home! Piggies with skirts!

Nobody wanna buy for me. =(

Freaking expensive McDull.

After that, I joined Mr. Bf and his friend to hunt chicks at Geylang. Opps. I mean hunt food! Gosh. Exploring the streets at night in Geylang was really a good and unforgettable experience for us. It's really an EYE OPENER to see illegal sexy prostitutes standing by the road side, waiting for horny men to approach them. They have territories for China ladies, Indon ladies and even legal ones inside the shop. Yeah. LEGAL ones. I saw 2 Indian ladies wearing sari and few aunties waiting at the kopi tiam too. OMG. It's even worse than what I saw in Thailand. They really look like those decent girls that you would consider as GIRLFRIENDS! Serious! We even walked passed dark alleys where you can see ppl gambling all the way. Too bad I cannot snap photos la. ^__^

One funny thing that make me laugh and puke at the same time was there's actually a lady approaching Mr. BF and said ... 'Suai ge ... yao bu yao?' As in, handsome guy, want sex or not?

LMAO!!! ROFL!!!!

Anyways, after that, we went for the food of course. We ordered frog porridge and char kuey tiaw with beef.

Hehe. That marks the end of my Monday journey.

We came back to Msia on Tuesday morning but sadly, we MISSED our flight. OMG! That's the worst thing to happen while traveling I tell you. Stupid AirAsia rescheduled their flight earlier (as in 10 mins earlier) and we weren't informed. We reached there about 5-10 minutes earlier but we were told that we couldn't check in no more. WTF!! I asked why we weren't notified and the stupid guy actually gave me reasons like ...

'Did you read our terms and conditions? We have time difference of 10 mins for Spore. You know la. Due to seasons like winter, summer, etc.'

WTF!! HELLO!!! We are from Msia and Spore is just next to us. WTF! That really pissed us off so much and we even told him that we need to catch our connecting flight from KL back to Penang. Totally no mercy at all. Not even a smile on his face I tell you!

Sigh. After that, we got stranded at the airport for donno how long, trying to seek the cheapest and fastest way back to Penang. We even opted for bus ride back but it will take us 11 damn long hours and we will be departing only at 10 pm. But most bus companies were fully booked for that day! How unlucky. We wanted to fly to KL first but then again, we will surely miss our connecting flight to Pg. Sigh. In the end, we chose to fly from JB and it costed us RM220 each! Really 'xim tia' I tell you.

And well, what kind of service does AA provide you? To claim our airport tax for Spore, we have to apply in Changi Airport but to claim for our flights in Msia, we have to pay extra RM10 for the processing fees. Why there's no processing fee being charged in Spore? And guess how much the airport tax is? RM9!! Huh? I mean. Where got ppl wanna waste money if they end up claiming nothing and lose RM 1 instead? This makes no sense at all. Well, AA's system was down the night before (for his sister's flight) and his parents' flight back to Kch was delayed without prior notification at all. Sigh. When I reached home that night, I found Tooty dead. Sobs. It was April Fool's Day, a very unlucky day for me.

I think I grumbled at lot that day about my terrible loss in money and hammy. Sigh. Anyways, we tapao-ed this back from Spore ...

This is called Char Siew Fan Choy and I think that's in Hokkien. You only need to steam it for like 15 minutes and TADA ...

Macam lomaikai lo ...

I think that's about it. Hoho. I cannot imagine myself being so hardworking to blog all out! Gosh. I know I promised to blog about my trip to Phuket earlier and I didn't see myself starting that entry. Hmm. We shall see. =P

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