Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You'll Always Be Remembered

Wednesday 11.57 p.m.

It's still Wednesday.

Sadly to say, Tooty passed away on Saturday/Sunday and I only discovered that yesterday as I was away for the weekend. If you ask if I cry, I would reply a solid yes to you. And no. She did not die of hunger. I bought both of the hammies in June 07 and I still think that her life is too short for a hammy. But maybe she is old liao I guess. Or maybe too fat?

Though it's just a hamster, I was feeling down the whole day at work. Managed to cheer up a bit but some stupid psycho asked if Tooty would taste like chicken. WTF.

Sigh. This is the last photo of Tooty in her 'deep sleep'.

How I wish she would wake up and squeak loudly again. The way she slept by lying down on her back, the way she greedily snatched food from Sooty and the way they curled up with each other while sleeping.

You'll always be remembered, Tooty.



Sharon said...

forgive me but i think the position of her "deep sleep" was pretty "gaya" :$
at least she died in style? :P
dont worry, all living things come and go, get a new replacement to accompany sooty :)

wyenn said...

RIP tooty :( u still have sooty to take care of. dun be sad ya.

PoiPoi said...

cheer up girl.. atleast you know he didnt die of hunger. atleast he go in peace right? heheh..

so time for the new pet? rabbit? or turtle? so they last longer :P

Ă…ngele said...

ohhh :(

Rest in peace little hammy.

Our pets are very dear to us and when they die we feel like an emptiness because we were so used to having 'em around and loving 'em.

I am sure you took great care of tooty ever since you got her. Don't be too sad, ok?