Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are you one?

Maybe I’ve been playing too much. Enjoying too much. Now, I'm back to the 'work & eat & sleep' dull life where everything is back to normal again. Feeling restless by the way. Perhaps it's because I am sick? YES. I NEVER FAIL to get sick after each and every trip of mine. Why is that so? I have plenty of water with me whenever I travel. I have fruits. I take my bath early in the morning before going out. I bathe upon reaching the hotel.

Anyways, I created this lame test for my friends (YOU!!!) to try out. Hehe. I think I created this kind of test ages ago and now, it's time to renew the questions. =P

Create your own Friend Test here

What say you? Dare to try that out? Do you really think you know me? And please ... Don't use anonymous ya? Thank you thank you.

OMG! I just realized you need to register just to take the test. My bad. =(

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