Friday, May 23, 2008


Okay. I'll stop blogging about Fabby. But you have to read this first! It's so freaking hilarious.

It's Friday again and I've been thinking on how to spend my weekend. Yippie! It's been a while since I'm like... TOTALLY free you know? One thing for sure is I'll be sleeping late and waking up late. I'll be playing with my hammies again and again. It's gonna feel so good. AND I will have my MUD PIE which I'm craving for days now!!! *giggles*

Well, my lame topic of the day would be about BANANA. This will be my most 'mou liew' post ever I bet. I mean. Who don't know what's BANANA right? LOL. One thing I know for sure is ... I need it when I get CONSTIPATED!!!

I'm so grateful to my lady manager who gave me this...

Darn. Banana brings back memories to me okay? Jane'nette (a buddy of mine and Sharon) used to be my supplier. During my uni time, she went home every weekends and she always came back with a bunch of bananas. I was one of the lucky ones to get bananas from her. LOL.

People call me banana too and I was like huh? Banana? Then I learned that those who don't know Mandarin are being referred as 'Banana'. As in "yellow on the outside but white on the inside". It's a term to describe a Chinese who's not in touch with their Asian heritage. Before I start Primary 1, I was given a choice whether to go to Chinese school or Malay school. Without any hesitation, I straight away told my parents that I cannot bear learning Mandarin anymore. After going through some tough time in kindergarten, I've had enough! Seriously.

Though she had zero idea about 'my little problem'.

Banana people ROCK big time! Majority can speak their own dialect and I guess most will shake heads when they face Chinese with bad grammar (You know? Those ah bengs and ah lians.) Maybe it's because of ego? Me and Annie used to joke with a classmate, asking him to pronounce certain words. Words like 'zombie', 'zebra' and 'zoom'. But we got 'jombie', 'jeebra' and 'joom' in return. Come on la. I'm not looking down on him okay? Why is pronouncing 'R' that difficult? *scratch head*

I still judge people with broken English though. I'm not saying I'm very good in English but I envy those who write good articles and speak well. First impression is very important for me. That's why if I ever have any kid(s), I would make sure that they are very good in English. But one thing for sure is I will also send them for Mandarin classes too. Learning a bit of Mandarin is also good in a way.

Well, I know a bit of Mandarin last time and I can say that I've definitely get a good grasp in Mandarin after practicing all these years. So, tell me. I can speak but I cannot write in Mandarin. What am I then? A papaya? Mango? LOL.

The world's most popular fruit. They are picked green and develop better flavor when ripened.

Do you know? Banana is a video game on the Nintendo Entertainment System and it's only released in Japan. A top banana is a leading comedian. To go bananas is to go crazy. It's an acronym for Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. Something to do with environmentalist groups protesting the building of oil refineries, nuclear waste dumps, etc. It's also used as a random reply when somebody asks a question.

A: What's the soup of the day?
B: Bananas.

A: Where is your boyfriend?
B: Bananas.

A: Who touch my cake?
B: Bananas.

Oh my. It's so funny right? So many definitions for Banana. You can find even more at Urban Dictionary's site.

I wonder if he would wear this if I really buy them. 'He' as in my pal who calls himself Banana.

Well, one thing for sure is it's high in potassium and ...

It's a cheap alternative for a dildo. LOL. Now I know what I will be getting for Annie as a wedding gift. A bunch of bananas is definitely cheaper than a dildo okay? Just in case her future hubby to be is ... er... cannot... *touch wood*. Lawak...

Till then, have a great weekend. ^__^


Sharon said...

cheap alternative for dildo.. what if the banana broke halfway inside? ROFL

Eryn said...

Yikes. How about cucumber then? Carrot? Sheesh. Lawak...

Anonymous said...

eryn i love ur hamster pic so very very much lol. i have hamsters myself ;)