Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bangkok - PART 1

I've been to Bangkok twice. My first time was with Mr. BF and we explored the city totally by ourselves. Exploring by foot mostly. This time was different though. My parents wanted a relaxing holiday and they didn't trust me that much to be their tour guide. LOL. So we opted for a ground tour package instead. The package was like RM500+ per pax (excluding the air tickets of course) and I can say that it's totally worth it! It was a private tour. We got a Mandarin speaking Thai guy driving the 3 of us around only. Pretty cool right? I hate joining tour groups actually. Big ones especially. You have to wait for this family la. That family la. So much time is wasted waiting for each other. From my experience, I think youngsters are often not punctual. Me included. HA! HA!

Seriously, I don't mind visiting the city again. Provided if I have the money la. It's a shopping paradise! Everything is super duper cheap in Bangkok! Food. Clothes. Bags. Shoes. So cheap that Mum said she wanna go again next year! LOL.

Day 1

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is huge. We had to walk for like 10-15 mins to retrieve our bags and get our passports stamped. When we reached our baggage claim area, there's no one around. Mum kept asking me if we're on the right track. Seems like a lot got lost on their way there. SERIOUS!

Air Asia provides shuttle to these locations for RM15. Previously, we stayed in ViengTai Hotel located at Khaosan Road, a place that caters every need of budget travelers.

The first thing that occurred in my mind when I saw our tourist guide is to tell him that I wish to bring my parents to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market on Saturday. I asked if we could make some changes to our itinerary and he agreed! He could have dump us at the hotel after dinner but he didn't. He tried to accommodate to our needs and brought us around Bangkok. What a helpful fellow. Mum said if he really keep his promises by bringing us to the places I requested, we would tip him before we leave. =P

It was like an hour drive from the airport to the city. The first thing that we did upon reaching was FOOD HUNTING of course! Our tourist guide a.k.a. Mr. Chai (I'll refer him as Chai from now on) brought us to MBK Complex. Also known as Mah Boon Krong, it's a 8 stories high building where you can spend hours and hours hopping around the 2,500 shops.

This photo is obtained from here as I was busy snooping around the shops. Did you know each floor sells different things ranging from phones and other electronics, as well as furniture and clothes?

My second time eating at the MBK food court! You have to purchase your coupons first and if you cannot finish them, you can get your refund back.

We spent around 250 Baht for these yummy food! Cheap isn't it?

Kueh chap stall spotted!

I actually saw some Thais adding SUGAR into their soups! :S

Anything that comes with PORK is heaven!

Fried Oyster. Still, I can't find one that can beat the oysters I had in Phuket.

Pad Thai. I'm still drooling over this right now.
A dish of
rice noodles, tofu, eggs, chilies, garlic, bean sprouts, fish sauce garnished with crushed peanuts.

Sticky Rice with Durian. I prefer the one with Mango still.

Mixed dessert.

After spending hours there, we decided to explore Siam Paragon. To my dismay, I couldn't locate the place as time was quite limited. We only managed to go to Siam Discovery Center which is right next to Siam Paragon. I think I've been there but never mind. There's always a next time. Hehe. =P

View from the bridge connecting MBK Complex, Siam Square, Siam Discovery Center and the train station.

The colorful taxis in Bangkok. I want a PINK cab!

Around 5+, Chai came over to pick us up for dinner. Yeap. Food and accommodation are inclusive in our package. It also includes a 2D2N trip to Pattaya!

Yummy steamboat which tasted similar to the famous MK Restaurant in Thailand.

They have nice gravy.

The pork is super soft lor. I really wonder why...

After dinner, Chai brought us to shop again. ^___^

Introducing the
largest night outdoor market in Bangkok: Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

Mum's saying it's only the first day in Bangkok and we've already done so much shoppings! We might need a bigger luggage for our stuffs ... Yadda yadda ... LOL ...

Day 2

After breakfast, we took a boat ride across the Chao Phraya River, the major river in Thailand. I was told that last time, everyone used the water here to bath and to DRINK!!!! How gross is that? Still, I managed to see some villagers bathing at the side of the river. YUCKS!

Waiting at the pier.

At a certain point, there will be some old ladies/men paddling near to your boat, selling water and souvenirs to the tourists. I really wonder how they gonna survive.

Lots and lots of Patin or Silvercat fish waiting to be fed.

This was the boat that we hopped onto.

We visited the famous Wat Arun, perhaps better known as the Temple of the Dawn. It is one of the best known landmarks in Bangkok. Entrance fee is 50 baht.

You can climb all the way up but the lazy me didn't! =P

Sweaty Moi.

See those figurines on the right? Once you put your head onto them and begin snapping photos, some Thai fellow will come and collect money from you. ^____^

A weird statue sticking its blue tongue out.

We took the ferry back instead of the express boat.

After that, we started our 2-3 hours journey to Pattaya. We managed to pass by the democracy monument, located at the centre of Bangkok.

Picture obtained from ToThailand.
Couldn't snap nice photos from the car as it was tinted with a dark film. :S

It was Labour Day but these people were up to something. Are they trying to cause some riot when they are too free? Maybe they were being paid to do so.

Stay tune for Part 2. ^_______^


Zeekco said...

I love suan lum night market! the last time i was there, shop until like no tomorrow. many thing s to see lar... did u makan at the food court next to it??? with the ever loud tranvestite show mouth sync-ing to Britney hitz?? LOL...

Might be going Bangkok end of June. Cant wait!

Eryn said...

Wow. Guys also can shop like there's no tomorrow eh? Hehe.

Yeap. So many things to see. I got lost actually, revisiting the same stalls again. LOL.

Din get to makan at the food court. Too full for any food. =P