Friday, May 16, 2008

Bangkok - PART 2

Day 2

Our journey from Bangkok to Pattaya took us 2 hrs on average, pending on traffic. Trust me. You only need 1 - 1.5 days in Pattaya. It's the busiest beach resort in Thailand. It's so packed with tourists that I won't wanna step my foot back there again. Besides, the beach isn't nice at all compared to the ones in Phuket.

We had lunch at Sri Racha Tiger Farm.

Tiger spotted swimming.

Yeap. You read me correct. It's a tiger farm which combines the sights of a tiger-breeding facility, crocodile farm, scorpion farm and daily performance.

Yummy chicken with groundnuts.

Can you guess what this is?

How about this? =P

The above two dishes are actually CROCS MEAT! Not tiger's meat ya? LOL. It's not that tender at all and my mum freaked out. She didn't even drink the soup! Ha! Ha!

Lunch of the day.

We went for tiger show. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean that kind of 'tiger show' okay?

The stage.

Teach me how to tame these wild animals. I don't even dare to go near them!! Bravo to the performers! ^_^

OMG! A pig is spotted performing. PIGS ARE ACTUALLY QUITE SMART! They are just lazy. Like me. =P

Then, we went for the crocodile show. It's really amazing I tell you. I gasped most of the time watching the performance.

The guy performer was like trying to get a bunch of large crocs on stage. He had to drag their tails and some of the crocs did fight back. :S

I dare you to do that. =P

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by these gross animals.

Some visitors trying to feed the hungry crocs. :S

OMG. My favourite word is spotted. =P

PIGS!!!!!!!! *jumping with joy*

Pigs racing. LOL. What a funny performance.

At first, I told my parents that I do not wish to visit any tiger/crocs farm. But I was surprised by the place. They must have like 300 tigers there. It's such an eye opener to watch such crazy and shocking performances. Besides, I get to see piggies! Hehe.

This is a super fat pig. Eat more and I will become like this. @___@

A mother pig sleeping with her piglets and her two tiger cubs. Yeah. The cubs here feed on pigs' milk!

A tiger with 3 naughty piglets dressed in tiger print outfits.

For dinner, we had TOMYAM! I was wondering when they gonna serve us tomyam. =P


As requested, Chai brought us to watch Carabet Show. That's my second time watching and I can say that the ones in Pattaya beats the ones in Bangkok. That's of course as Pattaya is the FIRST place ever to start a truly transvestite cabaret show.

Alcazar Carabet. Entrance fee is 650 Baht per pax with drink included.

Sexy aren't they?

Sexy but they die faster due to their massive hormone intake.

For supper, we had shark fin soup and bird nest! It only costed us 1000 Baht. Not really expensive and worth the price we paid. *slurp*

The fragrant of the Thai fried tang hoon was so good. It came with prawns and crabs.

Shark fin soup served in a coconut. Damn. I wanna go back and have these again!!!!

Bird nest that came with gingko. They are good for your skin.

After that, we had a stroll around our hotel, visiting the 24 hours shops/stalls. Yeap. Most of the shops here are opened 24 hours!!! But still, I rather shop in Bangkok or Phuket. =P

I had this two days in a row!

Sticky Rice with Mango. Yum.

That's the end of Day 2. =D

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wyenn said...

wah, i went to the same zoo ler. no wonder the tigers/crocs and pigs shows look for familiar. lol.