Monday, May 26, 2008

Bangkok - PART 3

Day 3

The restaurant was packed with people around 6.30 a.m. and we had a hard time finding a table. Iskh. After that, we walked for like 15 mins to the beach and waited for our boat.

Pattaya/Jomtien Beach.

The taxi in Pattaya town. I don't think I see any tuk tuk here.

A very colorful cybercafe. ^^

Sadly to say, I was quite disappointed with the beach. The beach is like so dirty and the water looks polluted. :S

Crappy @ Pattaya, ready to get tanned.

En route to Coral Island, we were transferred to the 'para sailing station' where you can see at least 20 parasails going back and forth.

The para sailing station is located in the middle of the sea.

The tour guide said before we can go to the coral island, we had to wait for the rest of the people (from the same boat) since they're trying out para sailing. I've tried this water sport before and that's why I was reluctant to try it again. It's not because I don't enjoy the sport, you know? It was 350 Baht and it only took less than FIVE minutes!!

I tried in the end, just to kill some time.

Before getting off, the so-called professional workers were like trying to get me into the life jacket and dragged me to the middle so that I could wait for my turn. Then I had to run fast and jumped from the platform. Oh well. I wasn't flying HIGH enough. It was a total disappointment. And they charged 100 Baht for each photo.

Not high enough.

There are so many activities here for visitors to enjoy and the only thing I enjoyed was the jet ski. I've never been to one before and I tried that for the very first time with my mum! She has such an adventurous spirit compared to my dad. LOL.

The kid behind my mum was riding the jet ski at first. Then he let go and asked me to drive instead. Hehe. We had to go through the bumpy waves and that really hurt our butts. LOL. At one point, mum freaked out when the kid tried to swing us off the jetski!!! I just screamed out loud and laughed at mum. Hehe.

800 Baht for two and it lasted for like 15 mins or so.

Me and mumi. Look at the bikinis behind us! It's only 250 Baht for goodness sake!

This place is really swarmed by tourists. Here are some of the random photos taken while strolling at the beach.

Stalls selling clothes! ^_^


Seafood again.

I luv this so much! And the paste's really spicy! Me likey. ^^

One kind of mango. It's the sour one and in Malay, it's called 'mempelam' rather than 'mangga'.

Durian stall.

I was quite amazed when I saw how she cut the durian. Gosh.

Doing my nails before heading back to Pattaya town. It's only 100 Baht! ^_^

:O Three Porsche cars that belong to the owner of the hotel we stayed in. :O

We had tomyam at last.

Erm. That's end of Part 3. =P

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