Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coughing up blood

I started working 1++ year ago and I could have save a lot by now. Other than shopping of course. *cough blood*

Most of my savings are spent on ... AIR ASIA! The champion of low fares. They are launching flights to PERTH somemore. I'm pondering whether to go Melbourne or Perth now. LOL. *going nuts*

It's like every month, when I get my CC statement, there would be at least ONE freaking charge from AA. Sigh. I know I know. Time to save money to go traveling again!

CNY is like 7 months from now and I have to start checking out on the flights back home again. Now, I am thinking whether to go KL or Kuching for my 1 week++ break during Xmas. Annie even suggested going Taiwan for our year end break. Hmmm. I've never travel with the girls before and well, we shall see. LOL.

Darn. Checking in one bag will cost me 3 bucks.
Just imagine going traveling + shopping and returning with more luggages. Iskh iskh.

Okay okay. Enough ranting for the day. =P

1 comment:

Annie said...

Actually anywhere also can la.. :P
Use the big backpack like those backpackers use then no need check in luggage lor.... :P