Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crap or Shit? Friend or Foe?

I tried my best to be your friend,
But what do I get most of the times?

I tried my best to think that you care,
You're good to me only sometimes,
But you’re the BEST at being mean to me most of the time.

I tried my best to understand you,
You told me that you're a “complicated” guy.
But even girls aren't as complicated as you are.

I tried my best to be a friend and cheer you up when you feel low,
But then because you’re such a “complicated” guy,
I guess you just “can’t help it” but to pull me down and make me feel like shit too.

I tried my best to believe your words,
When you said you were sorry,
But are you really sorry for what you've done?

I tried my best to keep up with your jokes and games,
But I always end up getting pissed off with your little shit.
Somehow, I can't take your crap no more.

I tried my best but I still have my pride,
I'm not your so-called fcking drama queen,
And I'm not your little girl toy that you can mock around with when the mood strikes.

I tried my best to make things right,
But things always get worse between us,
And you're invisible to me from now on.

I tried my best to forgive and forget,
Believe me when I say I really tried my best,
But then your “shittiness” just beat the crap out of my best.

I tried my best but well dude, guess what.
You’re dead, as in dead in my heart.
Cause I have tried. I tried the very best I could,
And I guess my best isn't good enough.

Too Bad Though ...

I've had enough and I guess I'm happier now. ^_^


Robb said...

eh, i dun think so it's right for you to address it particularly to a specific gender. betrayal of friendships can happen to any individual by another irregardless of demographics.


Eryn said...

Hey Robb,

Maybe I used the wrong topic in my innit post. Oh well.

I’m not targeting the male species. It’s just because the "friend" I’m dedicating the post to is a complicated guy. :P