Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is Little Miss Sooty in Estrus?

I've been Goggling and I found THIS! Gosh. I should do some research at first. Now I am regretting a bit, thinking of the fuss that I might face in the near future. Oh Thank you Sharon! Well, you should read this too. Fabby belongs to you anyway. Just in case I cannot cope. BLEKS!

"Dwarf hamsters only live up to 1++ year. When you breed them, you take away a big chunk of their lives. Breeding is a burden to them."
-- Sooty is nearly 1 year old liao lei.

"Come on! They don't enjoy doing it! They just follow instincts to make sure their genes are passed down! If there is no opposite sex around, they would not care about mating!"
-- It's not Sooty that complains, you know? It's MISS SHARON!

"Keep in mind that Dwarf Hamsters will frequently mate again within a time period as short as 24 hours after giving birth, think about that!"
-- I will get panic soon. Oh God. Have mercy on my poor Sooty.

I know. Baby hammy is cute.

"The average litter size for Dwarf hamsters is 4-6 but they can have larger litters."
-- Who wanna buy baby dwarfs? They are now opened for reservations. I know. I should donate instead.

"It is best if you are present to monitor your hamsters' activities and be certain that your female hamster is willing to breed."
-- I guess Sooty isn't willing since Fabby has fur loss on his back. It's either Sooty is bullying him or Sooty is too excited. You know? New company and she's starting to get wild. ^_^

"To be certain your female hamster is in estrus, place her in a male's cage. Always take the female to the male so that he will have the advantage of being in his own territory with his own scents."
-- Oh no. It's the other way round now. What have I done?

"You do not need to wait long to see if your hamster is ready to breed. If the female is receptive, breeding will begin within 15 minutes. If there's no sign of breeding within that time period, remove the female from the male's cage."
-- I guess there won't be little babies at all? Fabby keep squeaking like there's no tomorrow. Is he shouting for HELP?

"If the female hamster begins to attack the male, remove her immediately."
-- I think Sooty is just being friendly. Maybe she knows there won't be a future with Fabby since she's not 'subur' liao.

Well, I got this from Sharon earlier.

Sharon : Not to scare you :P
Sharon : I was checking my posts on hamsters and one of the readers comment was:

I bought 6 female n 2 male hamsters whe i was in MMU...
After 1-2 months.. i have around 50++ hammies...
Then... by end of 1 semester... i had nearly 100 hammies..
So.. it's a no no for me... phobia dy :P

Me : *faint*

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