Thursday, May 08, 2008

Langkawi Again

My parents were here 2 weeks ago and that's why I've been very busy to blog. They just left Penang yesterday and I miss them so much that I wept a bit last night before sleeping. I've been a bad daughter I know, leaving them both in Kuching while I'm here working in Penang. Sobs.

Okay. Enough with the emo-ness. They came on Friday and I brought them to Langkawi for the weekend getaway. I booked a room for 3 @ Langkasuka Resort which is located 5 minutes from the airport. The package comes with a car and at first I thought I would have to continue renting the car after we check out from the hotel the next day. Later I found out that the car package was for 2 days and I guess it's really worth it! We were given free ride back to the jetty too and that really save a lot! ^____^

Dad had to drive this as I don't know manual car anymore. =P

The resort is facing the Andaman Sea and the view was splendid.

It's such a nice place to relax, don't you think so?

Places that thou shall not miss when you're in Langkawi.

#1. The Underwater World

Entrance fee is RM28 for M'sian and I think it's RM35 for non M'sian. All you gotta do is to present your MyKad while purchasing your tickets.

You can watch 3D inside too.

I think The Underwater World Oceanarium @ Singapore beats this. Mum agreed too. But one awesome thing is that you can actually see these lovely creatures here!!!!

Yeap. Hopper Penguins. The ones in the movie Surf's Up.

And they are so cute when they hop around!!!!!!!!!!

We managed to see African Penguins too.

Don't ya remember Happy Feet? *tap tap tap*

Penguins are so cute, right? Otters are cute too but I think they're a bit fierce. =P

Some of the pics taken there. =P

I wonder if those are the eyes.

Emo fish.

Tortoise and hare together. ^__^

Kuah is Langkawi's main town and the transit point for ferries to the neighboring islands. We had most of our meals there and we even explored the duty free shopping complex. Sorry to say but it was such a disappointment to see their malls and I really wonder how people like me who have urge to go shopping every month can survive there. But say if you are earning 600 per month, you could actually survive in Langkawi. Serious! I was told that the rental for a house with 3 bedrooms is around 150-200 a month! Cheap isn't it? Everything is cheap here as it's tax free!

#2. Dataran Lang, Kuah Town

One of the main attractions in Langkawi is this very big and beautiful eagle structure located near the jetty.

The name Langkawi is a combination of Lang and Kawi. Lang is from the Malay word Helang and it means eagle. As for Kawi, you'll have to Google about it as I don't know. Hehe.

Did I tell you that the view at the jetty was magnificent? We could have gone for the cable car and watch sunset there in the first place. Wrong planning. Sobs.

As for dinner, we went to the night market at Kuah town. This is a place where all the locals gather, selling daily use goods and local Malay foods.

#3. Langkawi Cable Car

Yup. I went again for the second time. And it was freaking hot in the morning.

We visited Galeri Perdana too. This gallery serves to showcase the many gifts and awards that belong to Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife. I think they are expanding the gallery because 5-6 years ago when I visited the place, it wasn't this big. Oh ya. It's RM3 per entry.

We had a stroll at the Telaga Harbour Marina too.

Lastly, a pic of mumi dearest and moi. =P

All in all, I've been to Langkawi THREE TIMES and that's it!! I'll never set my foot there again. LOL. For more info, do check out my previous post here.

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