Friday, May 23, 2008

A Little Bit Too Obsessed

STOP!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP ME!!!! @_@

GOSH. Bear with me as I kept blogging about my new hammy, Fabby. I'm just too obsessed that I go and peep on them every 10 minutes when I'm at home. Oh Boy.

Then, I realized something. Fabby is a PIG actually. He's always SLEEPING. For God's sake, go hump make friend with Sooty la! @_@

Evidence # 1

Evidence # 2

Evidence # 3

Evidence # 4

Evidence # 5

Evidence # 6 (Animated)

Lawak. I am crazy I know. >__<
Actual image is obtained from here.

A clearer view or should I say, a little obscene one? Annie's response is 'ngai ti' when she saw this earlier. LOL. Well, 'ngai ti' is a common exclamation used by Kuching ppl I guess. It's something like 'Wah', 'Gosh', 'Alamak'... LOL...

Hamster Hideout is a very great interactive site.

Okay. I think I'm done for today's entry about Fabby. =P

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