Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Miss Sooty Being Devirginized

Regarding my previous entry about Sooty grumbling that she's still a virgin, we finally welcome a new rodent into our home sweet home.

She came in a little box.

Oh Dang. It's a HE.

Hi there. Meet my new hammy, FABBY!

Isn't he an angel?

Sharon desperately wants to de-virginize my little Sooty so that Sooty will die with no regrets unlike Tooty. She was suggesting either to poke Sooty with her finger (obviously too big), a stylus or a toothpick! Finally, I gave in and 'allowed' her to buy me a male hammy instead.

Yeap. He's a pearl hamster like Sooty. And they gonna hump for the first time tonight and have lots and lots of baby hammies soon.

Sooty getting curious about this new inhabitant.

She's even satisfied when I name my new hammy FABBY! Why? Because her brother is Fabian ma. Don't know why I wanna name my new hammy that after chatting with her bro the other day. But who cares? Fabby is a cute name right? But I am not saying her bro is cute. La la la... =P

Sooty: Ooh. You have a d***! *drool*

Maoi : Eh! Your Sooty masih subur tak? She can bor?
Maoi : You know? Subur as in whether she is still young/capable to h***!
Me : -_____-"

Sooty: Okay okay. You can have my share from now on. Provided if you ... *blush*

Fabby: Go away from me, old hag!

Sooty: Faster do me to fulfill Auntie Sharon's wish!

Sooty: Are you trying to play hard to get huh?!!?

Wow. Guess what! Fabby is a CAMWHORE KING! He knew that I'm gonna take lots and lots of photos of him. He just guai guai sat there and let me snap pics.

As white as pearl. Cute isn't he?

Side angle. Yes. He has a dorsal stripe which is not so obvious for God knows reason.

Front view.

Fabby: Faster la cabo. I wanna sleep liao. *yawn*

My favourite shot would be THIS!!!!! Don't you agree?

Muax! =*

Okay. You may proceed if you are not under 18. LOL.

Sooty's FIRST Kissing Scene.

Oh My. This is so obscene. It's Sooty's Raping Scene.

Finally, this reminds me of Tooty. Don't ya think?


childs said...

auntie crappy.... i a bit sympathy on d poor little fabby.... =__=||

Sharon said...

i love FABBY already! pray that sooty wont bully him too much. at the same time cross our fingers so that they wont be so productive :P

Anonymous said...

omgg the poor little fella..

fab said...

lol fabby...sooo cute but noisy nia:p
pity kena bully by sooty..haha

Eryn said...

I am only 1 year older than you okay? Auntie pulak. @_@

*Pray*. Popi popi.

He's still a kid you know? Hehe. But nowadays, younger boys like to hang out with older women ma. LOL.

LOL. You commented. Pity you weren't with us when we chose little Fabby. Your sis wanna a brown one though but it was a female. Too bad.

JL said...

Goodness! So are they expecting their first litter now? Are you sure Fabby has reached Puberty? Otherwise it'll be a wasted effort leh... haaaaa....

Eryn said...


Male hammies are sexually active from as young as 6 weeks of age. I don't know how old is the female one. I guess she's around 1++ year old and maybe menopause already? Don't know this applies to hamsters or not. LOL.