Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Miss Sooty

Presenting my first attempt of using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

Sooty in her temporary 'playground'.

Sooty: I'm cute... i know I'm cute.... But i dun need anyone to comment that I'm cute.

THREE things
that Sooty will say to me if she can talk...

1) I know you love me but I don't wanna die as a virgin, you know?

2) Bi*** Mummy. You do realize I'm still a virgin right?

3) F*** ! I don't want to die as a VIRGIN!! Get some hammy to h*** me!

Sigh. I surrender. So, who wanna volunteer their hammy to Sooty? ^_^


hyperX said...

Mind that I volunteer my rat to Miss Sooty? lol...Sooty is so cute. Em...again, can hamster and rat....? lol

Eryn said...

Oh no. I forgot to add 'ONLY SAME BREED PLEASE'...

I think Sooty will die if she *ahem* with a fugly rat.