Friday, May 30, 2008

Mood Boost at Work

Need some mood boost at work? Ever heard of office plants' perks? Workers who have at least one plant on their office desks are generally happier with their work and satisfied with life compared to those without a plant. More information can be grabbed here. ^_^

My first office plant is water pennywort and it's still alive!!! I should be proud right? LOL. Also known as pegaga in Malay, it seldom exceeds 10 inches in height and that's why it's a suitable office plant, no? You only need to change the water often and it would be best if the water is filtered.

I obtained some of these from my lady manager. You should see her oval vase of pennywort! ^_^

My second plant.

I remembered I bought my lucky bamboo plant right before CNY. It's associated with the practice of Feng Shui and it's an ideal example of the thriving wood and water element. To add 'fire' or positive flow of energy in the room, you can considering tying a red ribbon around the stalks.
It's only RM9.90. Cheap right?

I was doing some readings and I found out that the number of stalks has some meanings.
  • 3 stalks : Perfect combination of past, present & future or happiness, wealth & longevity.
  • 5 stalks : Wealth or fortune.
  • 6 stalks : Prosperity
  • 7 stalks : Good health
  • 8 stalks : Growth or thriving
  • 10 stalks : Completeness & perfection
  • 21 stalks : A powerful all-purpose blessing.
Hmmm. I have a combination of 6, 12 and 18! That makes 36 stalks! What does that mean then?

It's so lucky that it's being surrounded by pigs. =P

I got this cactus look alike plant from a colleague. Her one is dying and I think mine will gone case soon too.

I got another donation from my lady manager. Ain't I lucky? ^_^

I only need to water this once a week.

Early this week, I found this on my desk. It's another water plant I assume.

Donation from lady manager again. We're really 'greening' our office. ^_^

Research says it would be better if you have a window with opulent greenery beyond. Yes, I do have a window right next to me but it's facing the production floor sadly. At first it was a see-through window and I managed to persuade the upper management to tint the window for me. YAY! Somemore, my boss asked some tech guy to install a 'plant holder' for me. ^_^

My 'little garden' in the office. =P

So, how green is your office?


A Broken Soul said...

i cant see any color in my's blacky black T_T

Eryn said...

Haha. Then you can start brightening up your office. =P

wyenn said... many plants, donate 1 to me.. i have ntg. :(

Eryn said...

Donate to you = send all the way to Spore = plant dies few days later = [-x

Haha. Go buy one solar nonohon with the leaves one lo. =P

Oh ya. I got a new bonsai!! Wakakakkaka