Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Soup Of The Day

I had nothing to do on Sunday so I decided to get myself busy by preparing some soups. Hehe. Let the photos do the talking, shall we? ^^

Soup #1: Potato Cream Soup

I cut 3 potatoes into little cubes and boiled them till they are soft and tender.

Mashed them real hard. Hmmm. Who knows where to get potato masher in Penang?

Add a lil' bit of flour, onions and garlic.
Erm. No more onions and garlic in my potato soup ever. =P

Added some parsley flakes and milk (more if you wish your soup to be watery). I added a bit of salt and cheese too. =P

My creamy potato soup. You can add bacon strips too.

Soup #2: Pig Stomach Soup

Mum was here earlier and I asked her to teach me this soup! It's my all time favourite! Mr. BF's too! Hehe. She taught me how to choose/clean/cook the pig tummy. This took me nearly 4 hours I tell you. =P

Make sure it's really clean.

Bring to boil for a while. Then pour the water away and cut the tummy into pieces.

Then, I added water and boiled them for like 3 hours! You have to keep checking on the soup and add water from time to time.

After 3 long hours, I added 2 drumsticks so that the soup would taste even better. Then I boiled them for another hour. =P

Add salt and pepper to taste. Make sure your pepper is really good. I brought mine all the way from Sarawak! Sarawak pepper rocks! =P

I would give myself 8/10 for this soup. 10/10 is still reserved for mumi. Hehe. Iskh. How I miss her cookings! >_<

Soup #3: Corn Soup

I need to be on diet from now onwards. It's very tough man! Here's what I had for dinner tonight. My favourite corn soup mixed with carrots, pea pods and crab sticks. =P


Love it! Totally oil free. =P

Sooty loves corns! This is what she has for tonight. I'm saving some for her tomorrow too. =P


IamDoryFish~ said...

wow,im really impressed! u boiled the pig stomach soup! with all the cleaning ...*salute*

Eryn said...

Thank you. Thank you. *bow*

You can do it also! When there's a will, there's a way. LOL. =P