Friday, May 30, 2008


Thank God I'm FAT It's Friday!!!

I think Fabby scratched Sooty's face.

Sooty: Lonely without Fabby during my weekend.

Sooty: I better take a nap before mumi comes back from work. *yawn*

The other day, I said I was craving for TGI Friday's Mud Pie right? Last Saturday, before catching the movie Indiana Jones (at 12.30 am!!!) , Mr. BF brought me to there! Yay! I think there were at least 3 birthday celebrations and I will NEVER celebrate my birthday there. WHY? You will have stand high up on the chair and have the entire Friday's crews coming to you with a cake, singing you Friday's traditional birthday song. Then, you will be forced to give your thank you/birthday speech using a pepper grinder. LOL. Kinda embarrassing, no?

Friday's Budapest Burger

Seafood Platter that comes with prawns, calamari, fish fillet, coleslaw and fries.

The portion of each dish was like super huge that we cannot finish the mud pie. So, I suggested to have a take away.

My Rm14.90 Mud Pie.

Nicely wrapped.

The waitress told me that my mud pie can last for like an hour and I tot it can last longer if I keep it in the fridge.

Mocha Mud Pie

Oh well. I left in the fridge for 4 hours and .....

I was totally disappointed! No pics were taken because my mud pie melted! DAMN IT!!!!!!! NEVER have mud pie take away!! Now, I have to find another partner in crime to fulfill my craving with me again. Oh boy. I tot I am supposed to be on diet. Yet, I had 2 pieces of pizza and 2 chicken wings for lunch today.

Anyways, have an awesome weekend everyone! ^__^

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