Thursday, May 22, 2008

What CHANGES you?

Sometimes I write because I want to share with everyone about I’ve discovered. Sometimes I write out of curiosity. Sometimes I write because I need something to entertain my readers. Sometimes I write because I’m trying to figure something out. As clearly stated, today's topic would be 'What Changes You?'. I sound like lecturing, don't I? LOL.

It's funny how things change over the course of time. Time does strange things to us. It is true that reality no longer matches the memory. Those sweet and unforgettable memories. Be it your new job, your new house, your new relationship, your new hobby, etc. Your job (which is no longer new) isn't as exciting and interesting as it was before. Your dilapidated house has an unmowed lawn, a broken-down fence and faded paint now. Your normal relationship no longer gives you sparks and both of you are eiher growing apart or still together just for the sake of it. Your hobby bores you and you feel at loss, pondering what to do with your free time. The problem is what actually changes all these instances? (Don't get me wrong as I'm only illustrating here.)

No matter how good things are, we will often find a way to stir up trouble (or the boring atmosphere) whether it is on deliberate purpose or not. The unnecessary bumps on the roads, the unnecessary fights and jokes on your spouse/colleagues, etc. I don't know about you guys but sometimes I do feel that my life is a little bit too 'normal'. You can say boring too. I guess you will need some salt and pepper or maybe some masala or tumeric powder if I may add to spice up your boring life a little bit. Neh. The daily 'eat-sleep-work' routine ever since you enter the working world? Whether it's personality, relationship or career, our lives are always full with uncertainties. You don't really know what you want in life. Seriously, do you? I don't and I always want more. I've always wanted to discover who I am more. What am I doing here? What do I want in life. In the process, you might need to give up something just to have something. Get the drift?

Sharon once quoted this phrase from a friend

"If you're walking in a big house and you're heading towards a direction of a door. You walk past a window at the side.You glance at the window and you see something that you fancy. The question is. Do u sidetrack and are you willing to explore the view of the window? No one can promise you the beauty of the view but if you walk past the window without taking a peek, you will be probably missing out on something that you'll never see again."

I thought of the truth in the scenario, wondering what I’ll do if I was ever in that position.

She then continued:

What will you do if you're in that scenario? Will you stop and take a peek and maybe venture out the window? Or will you continue walking headed towards the door, trying to convince yourself that there is nothing out of ordinary outside that window and then ended up pondering what you're missing? There is always two sides to decisions like this. No one can tell you the right or wrong for whatever decisions or path we choose to take in life, hence "Are you ready to lose what you have?". But in a way, "You dont know what you have until you lose it". Be it whether you're happy or sad with the path you choose, life still goes on. You chose to buy the pink dress which looks better on you but in the end, it stays in the closet forever because you hated pink. Or you may buy that green dress but looks pretty ugly on you. The grass WILL always seem to be greener on the other side of the field and one of human's nature is the tendency to explore. As long as the heart tells you to go for it, then I'd say, do it. Regrets? That's how we learn!

So, I guess it's true about what she said. What say you? I welcome all comments and feedbacks! ^_^

Live and let live. Life is SHORT.


JL said...

This post really reflects what I have been feeling for months! I can "see" the things you're saying. I only wish that my personality swings more on the POSITIVE side so that it would be a happier life I'm living. I guess life is so uncertain and that what we truly need is the COURAGE to decide for that change which our intuition is telling us to do as it may be a sign to show us to the "right" direction hey?

3POINT8 said...

If time is not a factor, I'll explore the window view.
Most often, time would go against me, and I'll just walk straight up.

Eryn said...

JL, I know. I'm always on the positive side but 'once in a month', it would be the other way round. LOL. Yeap, courage is very important and we desperately need it for the first step.

For me, I think I will explore the window too. You can say I'm curious or sam pat (38) to know what do we have there. =P