Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Are My Love

Yui Makino - You Are My Love





In Romaji

ame ni nureta hoho wa
namida no nioi ga shita
yasashii manazashii no

shizuka ni hibiiteru
natsukashii ongaku
omoidasenai kioku

yume wa tobidatsu no chiisana tsubasa de
omoi no kienai basho made
futari de
tooi umi wo sora wo koete

kurai yoru no naka de
watashi wo terashiteru
yasashii manazashii no
anata ni

In English

Kiss me sweet, I'm sleeping in silence
All alone, In ice and snow

In my dream, I'm calling your name
You are my love

In your eyes, I search for my memory
Lost in vain, So far in the scenery
Hold me tight, And swear again and again
We'll never be apart

If you could touch my feathers softly
I'll give you my love
We set sail in the darkness of the night
Out to the sea, To find me there
To find you there, Love me now
If you dare...

Kiss me sweet, I'm sleeping in sorrow
All alone, To see you tomorrow

In my dream, I'm calling your name
You are my love...
My love...

The Video

I got this very nice song from Annie. I don't mind sending to you if you provide me your email. ^^


Annie said...

i was just listening to this song in my car...

eh... the english translation correct ah? a bit diff from what i understand from the japanese one lor...
but then my japanese's like crap anyway.. hahhaa

and i love that anime!!!

Eryn said...

Hmmm. Not sure how correct is it. The thing is I compared several translation and this one makes the most sense. LOL.