Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bangkok - PART 4

Wow. It took me quite some time to resume my post on my trip to Bangkok eh? Okay. Here we go again. ^^

After our beach activities, we went to the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort which is known for their impressive Thai Cultural Show and Elephant Show. The cultural show is supposed to start at 3 p.m. but you can see a lot of kiasu ppl queuing up at 2.30!! Gosh. My mum even got pissed off by some China ladies/men who pushed their ways into the crowd. They even fought seats with us. Sigh. Bunch of unintellectual and rude ppl, damn it! I cursed a lot lately I know. >_<
Oh well. The elephant shows are presented 3-4 rounds daily; featuring elephants playing football, bowling, dancing and even interacting with the tourists. One bunch of bananas are sold at 20 - 30 Baht and when you are holding the bananas, the elephants will automatically come to you. ;) I loved the football part really, having 1 elephant as footballer and another as goal keeper. It's pretty amazing and funny to see the goalkeeper having this wicked laugh when the other elephant could not managed to score any goal at all! Elephants can be naughty too. LOL.

Hula Hula.

You pay 50 Baht for this! I won't want to go anywhere near that. They can be quite smelly!

On our way to savor the taste of Thai food at one of the restaurants located inside the resort, I couldn't resist not camwhoring with the cub! Hehe. I sent the following photo to my little cousin and she asked me one brilliant question. "What if you got bitten?" Gee. That didn't come to my mind at all. =P

You pay 50 Baht for this too!

I was hoping to have a pic with a baby pig though. No luck on that and my mum even scolded me! Sobs. Instead of camwhoring with a real pig, I camwhored with these little cuties. =P

Intruder spotted at the Land of Piggies! *oink*

After that, we had a stroll around the botanical garden. The place is really huge and we did not have enough time exploring. Well. After 'exercising' so much, we deserved to relax a bit by getting some awesome Thai massage right? I even had a special request, telling our tourist guide that I want an experienced masseuse. I've tried Thai massage 4 times and all I can say is never have a lady as your masseuse!

500 baht for 2 hours.

After that, our tourist guide dropped us at this super duper lousy shopping mall. Damn it. There's really no place to shop in Pattaya! Seriously, Pattaya is not recommended at all. =P

A chain of multi-story shopping malls located along the beach front of Pattaya. Best place to shop konon.

Even the food is lousy. We couldn't find a nice stalls that sells yummy Pad Thai! Grrr!!

Sad to say, I think it's not fully cooked lo. >__<

The drinks were nice though. Can really long piak if they suck too.

Day 4

At first, we thought of heading back straight to Bangkok. But Mr. Tourist Guide suggested that at least we go for an elephant ride. We hesitated at first and we were told about how lucky you will be after having an elephant ride, bla bla bla. In the end, we wasted 900 baht for a 15 minutes elephant ride. Well, that's how business is done. You only need to use your brain and mouth on how to persuade people. LOL.

Do I really need to tell you that this is? =P

Wee! It's quite scary at first lo. Haha. And the place is quite smelly too! :S

After poo poo. =))

We had our lunch at the food court located in Big C Supermarket, Bangkok. It's somewhere near Chatuchak Market. And that's what I'll be blogging about next. Till then, adios! ;)

Pad Thai again. Not that yummy too, sadly.

Fried Oyster at 120 Baht. I can't find the same fried oyster that I had in Phuket! >_<

Dad's Yummy Duck Rice.

Some say it's called Kueh Kak. Some say it's Char Kueh. Bo Ho Ciak.

This is the most satisfying treat I gave to myself! Cold latte at the price of 60 Baht!


Chen said...

I'm still wondering how u climb onto the elephant for the ride :P

Yeah, it would be fun if u really cuddle the real piglet. Pigs are so cute :D

Eryn said...

Haha. There are several huts for us to climb onto and from there, we are standing as tall as the elephants! With careful guidance, we are led to sit on the elephants. =D Awesome!

The only thing I regret is not taking pics with the elephant carrying me with its trunk! My dad kept saying it's smelly and I would too! >.<