Thursday, June 05, 2008

Crooked Brains

Source: Crooked Brains

100/100. Smart and naughty, no?

Did you laugh? Here's another one by Annie when I did not reply her mail earlier. ^__^

I'm a hot chick?

ROFL. I've bookmarked that website btw. Have you? =P

Here are some for your entertainment when you're bored at work.
  1. Cute Overload
  2. Explosm
  3. Funny Exam Answers
  4. Let's Be Friends
  5. Things that makes you go ooohhh ahhhh
  6. The Movie Buff
  7. The Bitter Stick Girl
  8. Pon and Zi
  9. My Crap =P
LOL. Adios.

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