Thursday, June 05, 2008

Everyone's talking about it

The Government announced an increase in petrol and diesel prices, stating that it can no longer continue to subsidize fuel. So, what's the point of being the world’s largest producer and exporter? The so-called subsidy plan. Sigh.

Everyone had to go through all the massive jam by those who tried to get the last remaining drops of the RM1.92/liter petrol. I just pumped petrol on Sunday so I can't be bothered to stuck in the jam, wasting my time and energy just to pump the remaining 1/3 petrol for my car. By queuing up for that long, you're still burning a lot of petrol ma right? Unless you're really out of petrol la. Sheesh. Still, I got stuck in the jam although I tried to avoid routes with petrol stations. Just imagine after queuing up for more than half an hour and the worker at the petrol station tells you that the station is closed for operation. How would you feel? That's what I heard over the radio this morning and I hope that didn't happen on you though.

Those with low income (like me) and drive high fuel consumption cars will have trouble with the new gas prices. The price of rice, salt, sugar, food, electricity, etc. will also increase soon I guess? Oh ya. Not forgetting the CRIME RATE! The only thing that will not increase is our DAMN SALARIES and we have to cope with the price hikes. Soon, we will have to spend more than we earn no? >__<

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