Sunday, June 08, 2008

Food Hunting - Ikan Bakar

Feeling a bit adventurous, we (plus Mr. BF's friends) drove all the way to Kepala Batas for Ikan Bakar just now! FYI, Ikan Bakar is a Malaysian dish of fish / seafood grilled using charcoal. Usually, the meat is marinated with spices, etc. and then grilled with or without a banana leaf. This reminds me of the yummy ikan bakar which I had years ago at Umbai, Melaka.

Well, do take note that the shop is closed on Saturdays. The first attempt failed because they went on some Saturday ages ago. Lucky me because I got to tag along this time. Chin Siong was the one recommending how good the ikan bakar is and a lot of ppl (including Chinese) go all the way there to try. Well, don't ask me where the shop is because I was sleeping in the car throughout the journey can barely recognize the route. Oh ya. You have to go before 12 because the place will be jam packed with people during lunch time. Famous ikan bakar place no?

As usual, let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

Kepala Batas is a town in the northern part of Penang, in Seberang Perai Utara district.

You definitely need to bathe after visiting the place! See how smoky it is?

You can find all sorts of seafood here. Fish especially.

A lot to choose from no?

Big prawns (obviously) but we didn't order this.

Sauce/gravy to dip.

I prefer this. Not too sweet, not too spicy, not too sour. The sauce @ Umbai still beats this though.

Behold! Our siakap fish.

Yummy! Me lap this. ^^

Chicken. I know. Why ordered chicken pulak. But the chicken tasted great too. =P

Beef that tasted like satay. Ho ciak.

Sting ray. Bakar again. ^^

Surprisingly, the 5 of us couldn't finish the food sadly.

Oh ya. Yesterday was really a SINFUL day. I went shopping and had ice creams! Diet konon. Sigh. I hate you Sharon!!! How can you love and hate a person at the same time? Hmmm. I can save a lot if I don't have this gal as my shopping buddy you know? LOL. She had this sudden urge to buy bra and I tagged along with her. We ended up with 4 bras and a few cute panties at La Senza. Tag along with us next time because we can get 10% off and some bargain coupons! After that, I treated her to New Zealand Natural for ice creams. We couldn't decide which flavors to choose from and ended up with 6 instead. Haha. Darn. At night, I had this sudden urge to go grocery shoppings and we ended up in McD at 10! I could have just stay home for the night and save my 50 bucks. Darn. I spent quite a lot on groceries too. >____<

Mint Choc Kisses, Hokey Pokey and Macadamia Supreme.

Rum & Raisin, Mango Passion and Forest Berry (I think).

Bon App├ętit! ^___^


farha said...

Got 1 ikan bakar place at Alaaa Kassim Cystal Bay, Alai melaka..Just ate there with my friend last Saturday..Yummy and murah!!!

We have Sotong Goreng Sambal, Sotong goreng tepung, Ikan sencaru bakar (3 ekor), Ketam goreng Kunyit (also 3), Pepahat sweet sour..nasi lemak..2 jug of Fresh orange at only RM60!!

I think food lover like you should try... (",)..But...I dont have the picture...

Eryn said...

Eek. Seems like you had more variety eh? Nice!!! RM60 is really cheap. Mine is RM75. Tarak ketam tarak sotong eh. Mainly fish. I think the siakap cost the most.

Malacca is too far from Penang. I miss Malacca! >__<