Monday, June 02, 2008

High Cholesterol Weekend

We watched the spoof of 300: Meet The Spartans on Saturday. It's barely a movie as it's only an hour long! This GAY movie follows the same storyline of 300 and includes a series of pop-culture references and jokes on Shrek, Happy Feet, You've Got Served, American Idol, Borat, etc. When Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were "featured" in the movie, you can be sure that Lindsay Lohan will not be missed out! LOL. The movie did make me laugh somehow. It's freaking funny but lame at the same time and I do feel pity for the actors making fools of themselves.

For dinner, I was forced to drive Mr. BF out. You see. I normally rely on him to drive me around Penang and that's why I can still get lost somehow. I know I suck. Both of us ended up on the passenger seat and he did not want to move a single inch to the driver's seat. Gosh. To avoid ppl thinking that we are making out in the car embarrassment, I surrendered and drove instead. We ended up in Jelutong and I found a place that sells yummy claypot chicken rice. Not bad for an exploration eh? =P At least it tastes nicer than the ones I had in Penang so far. Who can tell me where to find yummy claypot chicken rice in Penang?

Well, we finished our sitcom marathon at last. You guys should watch The Big Bang Theory!

It's a sitcom that shows what happens when two super duper intelligent roommates / physicists / nerds Sheldon and Leonard meet Penny, a beautiful woman moving in next door and realize they know next to nothing about life outside of the lab. It's super funny la wei ... And I just realized the girl is from the series Charmed. Hehe.

Guess what. We had ONLY seafood on Sunday! I know I'm supposed to be on diet. *cry*

We went to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch and I ordered the famous 'Flaming Platter For One. It was huge and I couldn't finish it. Hehe. Then, I had chocotop for dessert. Yummy! Guess what! McD's sundae is only 50 cents on every 1st of the month and Chocotop is only 1.50! New Zealand Natural has 30% off on every 30th of the month! Darn. I know I will go crazy one day and buy some home. >___<

For dinner, Clarence went crazy and drove us to the famous and cheap Ah Yan Batu Kawan Seafood. That's my second time there. Hehe. He suggested Ipoh but it was kinda late liau. By the time we reach there, it would be like 10 pm liau. LOL.

The website doesn't exist. Yeah. I'm free enough to check that out. =P

Sigh. I cannot resist crabs these days. Although I am still allergic to crabs! My hands and throat itch whenever I have crabs but what the heck. We indulged ourselves to these! =P

Fried Mee Tiaw.

Clean and clear after few minutes. LOL.

Sweet and sour crab. The gravy tasted heavenly. *slurp*

Fried mantao that go with the crab's gravy.

Spicy la la. I didn't try this much as I was busy with my crabby.

Fried calamari.

Fried prawns with nestum.

FAT FAT FAT! Argh!!! Super guilty now. Mr. BF said his friends (who came over on Friday night to play Risk) tried out our weighing machine. Apparently, it's not accurate at all. You weigh lighter but in reality you are NOT! GOSH! That means I am fatter la! Can long piak liau. >____<


Apparently 'someone' read what I wrote about him and said that I write sucky poem. FYI, it would be an insult if I'm penning a poem about some crap. It's just some scribbles describing some friend guy girl who sucks to the max! You understand the meaning of scribbles? Go Google if you don't. Oh well. I feel so honored to have my awesome scribbles compared to a better poem.

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