Monday, June 16, 2008


The O.C. is my favorite television show of all time. It's the top-rated drama among young adults and with a total audience of nearly 10 million. I got hooked with the show and finished two seasons in less than a week. It was quite disappointing halfway because they decided to kill Marissa's character in Season 3. This did not help to increase the popularity of the show though. Sadly to say, Fox decided to cancel the show after its fourth season with a not so good finale. Not so good because I would prefer if Marissa is still on the show. But overall, it is okay la. Seth and Summer got married yay! LOL. In real life, they were engaged too but got separated after that. Oh ya. Did I mention it's far better compared to One Tree Hill?

Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa.

Last year, a similar tv show named Gossip Girl was released. This show is developed by the same guy (Josh Schwart) and after watching the first episode, I got hooked again. It is like a remake of The O.C. and I see some similarities between the characters. Really!!

Gossip Girl is the story of 6 (4 wealthy, 2 poor) kids studying in a private school, dealing with sex, drugs, jealousy, and other teenage issues. Gossip Girl herself (the gal from Heroes who possesses the power to generate and manipulate electricity) is the mysterious anonymous blogger who blogs about these kids. Too free I guess? You should be amazed about how fast gossips (via sms/phone calls/blog) fly around these kids!

Dan and Serena. Me likey Dan!! ^^

Blair and Nate.

Summer (The O.C.) vs Blair (Gossip Girl). See the similarities? I still prefer Summer though! =P

The show stopped halfway in January and resumed again in April. To promote the season return, we have this awesome poster!!!

*drool* =p~

The poster clearly shows that there will be sex scenes in the coming episodes right? Intimate scenes between Blair and Chuck (I tot she's supposed to be with Nate) and another between Serena and Nate (I tot she's supposed to be with Dan). Argh. I haven't finish the show yet and it's disappointing to know that Serena is not with Dan! Grr!!

If this review isn't enough, I hope the bolded OMFG in the poster did catch your eye! Because it did catch mine! Can't wait to finish my drama marathon! If my blog is in hiatus mode,I supposed you can guess what I'm doing right? *giggle*


Falcon said...

I have to admit Goosip Girl is very addictive..

Shin said...

Technically the OC was not canceled half way through season 4. Season 4 ended with the show's grand finale. :)

You didnt watch kah? Should I reveal some spoilers? :P

Eryn said...

Yaya. I finished the whole show. Darn need to edit a bit on the entry. Haha.

Eryn said...

Falcon, YEA! It's addictive. Can't wait to finish the show.

Shin, Erm. Edited liao. Haha. This is my all time favourite lei. How can I forget. Blur on Monday maybe. =P

r.p said...

I actually stare at the last picture for like 1 minute...surely does catch my attention.

Eryn said...

R.p, It's not the bolded OMFG right? ROFL.

Shin said...

It's one of my favourites too. Unfortunately someone borrowed my complete OC collection of DVDs and never returned to me. :'(

Eryn said...

Wah! You should ask/demand that person to return to you ma. Whoever that is. It's always scary to lend ppl your collection.

Speaking of collection, I still have my uncle's DVDS (2 seasons of the O.C.) with me. But he's in OZ now and he din bring over his dvds too. =P

Shin said...

Unfortunately I don't know who borrowed it. :S

My memory fails me constantly :S


Eryn said...

Awww. Definitely not me for sure! =P

Melv got keep track who borrow his collection. He has a list! LOL. Wait till you see his animes/sitcoms/series/movies collection.

MisSmall said...

I got hooked and finished watching the entire Season 1 (before the writers' strike in Hollywood) in a day! I think I spent half of the time drooling over the fashion though. Oh what a gal wouldn't do to have Serena and Blair's wardrobe! :p

Ă…nGe|e said...

I'm addicted to Gossip Girl too! So addicted that once I've dreamed of the tv show! *lol*

I haven't given much thoughts about it till you mentioned it but yes, Blair and Summer really look alike! I like Blair even better though :P

As for the OC, I haven't been following the show so I'm not so addicted. But I do like to watch OTH. Hehehe

Eryn said...

In 1 day? Gosh. I think I can do that too. Just that I started watching on Sunday night and Monday is a working day. Else, I would have finished watching already. Haha.

Yeap. I read about your entry on Gossip Girl!! Then I saw the show on TV and decided why not start watching it. And now, I am hooked! Wow. I can't recall you dreaming about it. Haha.