Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hun... What's for dinner?

Reminiscing back, when I just got to know Mr. BF, he shot me with one question. Something like "Do you like cooking?" Or "Can/Do you cook? My mum is a great cook." -____-"

People say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But how true is that really? If his mum is an amazing cook who makes everything just so perfect, then he would want to find a woman who can cook as well right? In that way, he still gets all the yummylicious food and his mum can find someone to inherit her cooking skills. Sure there are more important things to a relationship than cooking but I think a woman who can cook is definitely a plus point. Of course, I will be 100% delighted if he can cook too. Too bad he doesn't. Does mushroom soup/maggi mee or english breakfast with egg, ham and baked beans count? >___<

There are still a lot to learn and I admit that I'm still a noob. I love reading recipes online and test them at home but I'm always lack of those herbs and spices. I love reading her journal online and envy her for her passion to cook and bake! And yes, I wish to own an oven someday so that I can bake cakes/cookies for my loved ones. Just someday... Hehe. Kinda broke lately (again) . Well, who's willing to sponsor me a good oven? I can't earn much here you know? Unlike 5xmom who just earned 10k from Nuffnang! Sigh.

Here are some basic tryout dishes as usual. =P

My guy colleague taught me to mix shredded pork and egg together. I added corn and crabsticks too. Oh ya. He's young but married. Guys who cook are mostly attached perhaps? =P

My first trial failed. The output is supposed to be attached as one big piece!!! ROFL.

My own hampalang spare ribs marinated with light soya sauce, pepper,
pinch of salt and sugar, oyster sauce and star anise.

Vege of the Day: Brocolli with hu pio. Darn. What's hu pio in English? No. It's not Fish Float.

Dessert of the Day: Longan with Cincau. I combined my two favourites together. ^^

Weeks ago, a guy friend joined us for dinner and I asked if his gf cooks. He said yes and told us that he hates to do the dishes!! Then I asked Mr. BF if he feels the same too. Grrr. One thing to ponder upon. Guys SHOULD wash the dishes after the meal right? Afterall, the gf puts a lot of effort into cooking and sure she deserves some help in the kitchen right? Perhaps, a peck on the cheek or forehead will do to show that you really appreciate her effort ma right? Blek.


IamDoryFish~ said...

YES YES, guys shld do the dishes!!!
i wish mr fernando offers also. sigh. and we cooked nice nice dinner for them somemore!! i truly understand how u feel!!

longan and leng sakit perut?? :P

Eryn said...

Dory! How come say sakit perut after having longan and leung fun? I sakit perut lo. But donno if it's because of the tomyam I had or not. Mr.BF seems fine!

The Devil said...

eh... if gf cook, guy do the dishes is ok... but if guy cook.. gf should do the dishes rite? :D

Eryn said...

Devil, Yes! You're back. =D

Of course the gf should help. Must share the workload no matter who's the cook! =P