Tuesday, June 10, 2008



NO. I'm not that crazy enough to do such thing yet. Maybe I will soon. Just need more courage and idea of where/what to tattoo. =P

On Sunday, she told me that she went for a tattoo and she'll MMS me. But heck. She is too dumb to use MMS failed to MMS me for some unknown reasons. So I waited patiently. It's gonna be a teeny weeny tattoo anyway.

On Monday, I received an attachment and I was dumbstruck. Totally speechless and WTF. It's .....

Fucking HUGE!!!!

The phoenix has risen.

Below is the conversation I had with 3 friends who wish to remain anonymous. We basically commented the SAME thing!!! And it's freaking funny. ROFL.

Ms. Eryn: SO BIG... OMG!
Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: Hahaha... You expect it to be small?

Ms. Bra Fanatic Who Bites: Omg so BIG! :O
Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: No other comment ah besides OMG so BIG? :P

Ms. Bubbly Who Bumbles: Wahhhhhhhhh! Sooooo big wor!
Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: @_@

Ms. Eryn: Oh ya why I din spot any fat layers? LOL.. u photoshop ar? Or suck in ur tummy while taking the pic.
Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: =.=!!!

Ms. Bubbly Who Bumbles: You must have sucked in your tummy hor...
Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: Darn! I didn’t suck in la… memang like that la… got tummy also ler...
Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: Cause I stand up ma... if sit down then can see lor my tummy…

We had the VERY SAME comment right? But the conversation got crazier and crazier. Hahah.

Ms. Eryn: I wanna get a tattoo too! But where to tattoo lei? Hmmm....
Ms. Bra Fanatic Who Bites: Oh I know... One boob with boy kissing, the other one girl kissing. =P
Ms. Bra Fanatic Who Bites: Come together their lips will touch! LOL
Ms. Bra Fanatic Who Bites: Dammit... Can u imagine when they sag in the future?

Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs: The boy and girl face become long… hahahhahaahha…If the sagging not balanced, then they cannot kiss liao… >.<


FYI, Ms. Psycho Who Might Tattoo Her Boobs has to sleep naked for a few days since her tattoo has not heal. She is going back to the shop to get some touch up on the color because it's not red enough.

Oh well. I assumed she's sleeping naked la. That's why she is having a cold now. Maybe she has gone nuts too. ROFL.

But hey. Nice tattoo my dear! Bravo!! *clap*


Foong said...

The tattoo is beautiful! Must have hurt like crazy since it is across the back...I have a slightly smaller tattoo on my left. Dang, I wish I could tattoo my back like that but since I got so much fat rolls and stretch marks, a bit pointless lar. ;-)

Eryn said...

Her tattoo is also on her left wo. Yeah. I can't imagine how painful it is. That's why I said she's crazy! =P

A Broken Soul said...


so geng can stand for this big tattoo... i can't imagine if I'm gonna have one (the tattooist must be chasing me around the shop to get it done lolz)

Anonymous said...

@foong: i actually wished that i was fat when he tattooed the wings part... T_T
at least then it won't be so painful... i think..

Eryn said...

Broken Soul,

Yeah. I can't imagine myself in such situation too. I'll be screaminglike crazy. Haha.

Why didn't you use your awesome nick that I gave you? =P

Anonymous said...

I didn't use the nick you gave cause I'm not that psycho to tattoo my boobs..
Why draw attention to the lacking area right? LOL

BTW, took MC liao... hahahha

Zeekco said...


wah.. ur fren got guts leh... it must have been very painful. To get tattoo near bones/chest is the most painful of all the areas on our body. So when you getting one?? haha... tats is so common now, its like ur weird if you dont have one, not otherwise. what in the world is happening??!!!!