Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mid Week

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Well, it's Wednesday again but tonight is not a movie night. Darn. Kung Fu Panda is not out yet and I'm waiting anxiously for the screening since weeks ago. Well, the panda is not that cute but it's a CARTOON and I love cartoons! A big kid I know but what the heck. =P

I love pandas. ^__^

Did you know that I even downloaded their theme song? Haha! Oh well. They've been promoting the movie since last year you know? I think another movie by Dreamworks Animation that is worth the wait is Monsters vs Aliens. Again, I have to wait till next year for the screening. =(

Cute right? The blue monster reminds me of Mike from Monster Inc. Hehe.

I got a new plant again. My colleague went for some flower festival last weekend and I asked her to get me a small office plant for me. She got me a bonsai and it's only 7 bucks. Cheap and nice right?

Unlike some kiasu retard, I don't give a fucking damn whether it's 7 bucks or 15 bucks. Oh I have to remind myself again and again that he's merely an invisible scumbag that is not worth my time. Sharon said it's like wasting my oxygen talking to people like that. I would say oxygen is not mine to waste but saliva is. LOL. See? Even Sharon agrees with me that he's such a dumb ass. I think EVERYONE will agree with me totally... He's such a show off bastard, lansi jerk, celaka pervert and dick face. Hmmm. Does he even have a dick in the first place? Oh. It feels good to curse sometimes. Especially on the people YOU HATE so much!

Well, I'm going to go on hiatus for a few days since it's the time of the month again I'm kinda busy with work and DotA lately. Darn. I think I'm addicted back to DotA again. I find the joy in feeding killing and cursing. I know I'm sick. Wicked sick. Is there any godlike cure for this? I'm desperately looking for one. HELP!!!!!!!!! >_____<


Sharon said...

waste of energy, saliva, oxygen, span of attention and blogging! dont even waste time blogging bout him!

Eryn said...

LOL. YEAP. NO more. But it feels so damn good to curse you know? Hahaha.

A Broken Soul said...

come come...this Saturday we go watch Panda together muahahahaha

Eryn said...

Same time, same day, same cinema but different location? =P

Don't tell me you're coming to Penang.

IamDoryFish~ said...

cheer up eryn! :) I like your bonzai! Nice and cheap! How i wish to get one as well

Eryn said...

Dory oh Dory. I didn't say I am not happy lei. Haha. Thanks for the concern though. =)

I don't know where to get the bonsai since the Flower Festival @ Botanical Gdn is over.

Annie said...

As per request (obligatory comment) :P

Cabo, it's supposed to be "old" kid instead of "big" kid don't you think? Wuahahaaha...

Eryn said...

>__< si cabo!!