Friday, June 27, 2008

A month from now.

Exactly one month from now, I'll be somewhere giving someone the best surprise and he won't be expecting it from me! That's what a surprise is ma. LOL. Now, I'm thinking whether to take a cab or ask a friend to fetch me from the airport. But if it's gonna be a surprise, no one should know I'm coming right? Hmmm. We shall see. Hehe.

Gonna figure out what to buy as his birthday present. Yeap. I'm finding excuse to go shopping again. Someone has a shopping companion this weekend again. La la la ...

Gonna figure out what cake to buy and where to buy. Ice cream cake perhaps? Or maybe this? ;))

Gonna figure out which restaurant to go. Perhaps carvery? Thai food? Argh. Fattening. Maybe a birthday party? That will cost a lot and I'm already broke. Hmmm.

Praying that everything will go smoothly as planned. I'm looking forward to see his face like this!

MUHAHAHAHA! Can't wait ... Just can't ... If you see me laugh for no reasons, you should know what's on my mind. ROFL.

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