Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OMG! They Killed Kenny!

Previously, we had Dawn Yang's fan site here. And now, someone decided to kill Kenny in a funny way!

Not this Kenny la DOH!

It's the oh so famous blogger, Kenny Sia. I don't think I need to link his site here, do I? Stumbled across this funny site just now and I think this Benny guy is too free eh? Obviously, this guy from Kepong revealed too much info while registering his new domain (on 4th June!!). Same layout somemore! Really makes me wonder whether he loves Kenny Sia too much or hates him to the max that he created this new website. Funny in a way though. =P

Benny: Unfortunately, Kenny was a little too slow due to his excessive fats and lack of daily exercise.

Benny: There goes our favorite blogger who once made Malaysians proud.

More at www dot benny sia dot com.

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BaLQiz said...

good one!