Saturday, June 14, 2008

Penang Best Mee Sotong

Food hunting strikes again and this time, it's the oh so famous Penang Mee Sotong.

What's so special about it?

What do I think? The so-called Penang Best Mee Sotong isn't that best after all. I've heard my Indian trainer telling us about it. I've heard several friends recommending it but it's still NOT THE BEST.

Extra spicy will make it tastier? Then, the spiciness will cover the taste of the mee, right?

Located at Astaka Food Court near Esplanade, you can see a lot of people ordering it. The sotong/squid covered the taste of the mee, that's what I think. Let's just say the mee will taste better without the sotong. It's just a normal mee mamak anyway.

We couldn't even finish the whole plate. Or should I say 3 out of 4 ppl couldn't finish their little plate of mee. On my way back, I saw another table with several plates of the very same mee, still 3/4 full.

Fine. I admit the empty one is mine because I don't simply waste my food. =P

I went with 3 guys you know??? So, is the oh so best mee sotong that good? Tell me about it. Well, the best thing we treated ourselves during lunch was THIS!

Coconut Shake that comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thanks to Zeekco's recommendation. Hehe.

Later at night, we went to watch The Incredible Hulk. I'm beginning to like Edward Norton (the main cast in The Illusionist, a movie I love a lot). This version of Hulk is definitely BETTER than the Ang Lee's version. Serious! I think the first one was a total disappointment. At least this one is chalk full of action and it's pretty entertaining. Yeah, it's a good movie, but great? I think not. Iron Man still beats this though.

Cool poster eh? Imagine Jack Black as The Hulk. LOL. With his bouncing tummy.
*Everybody was kungfu fighting*

ROAR!! Don't offend me!

I would say watch Kung Fu Panda first before you watch this. Yeah. I'm still not over it. HAHA.

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