Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bangkok - PART 5

Chatuchak weekend market is the largest market in Thailand, covering over 35 acres and containing up to 15,000 stalls. It is estimated that the market receives between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors each day. Gosh. I wanted to go there on the very first day I reached Bangkok but luckily I checked. Most of the stalls in Chatuchak are available only during the weekends. Generally, the market offers a wide variety of products such as household items, CLOTHES, fashion accessories,Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, food and pets. Who don't love Chatuchak? You can find practically everything you want there!

This is the first time I tried doing my collages with Paint.NET, an awesome free image and photo editing software! A friend recommended me this software and there are still a lot to explore. Provided if I am hardworking enough of course! Hehe.

Clockwise from L to R: Fried eggs -> big coffee menu (I ordered my Latte here) ->
various flavours of popsicles -> chai kueh.

Something light and tasty to re-charge your batteries before another round of shopping? ^_^

Clockwise from L to R: Buttocks for sale (LOL) -> I've seen Mr. Pirate appearing in some of the blogs I read and I think he should be blogged again -> Lovely portrait sketches.

Clockwise from L to R: Adorable lamps -> Anime keychains -> Colorful wind chimes ->
Puppies for sale and I can't stop playing with them. One mixed breed is around RM90 only! If and only if I can buy. -> Donations for prayers.

I think I spent around RM300 there. That's my second time to Chatuchak and I don't mind another third visit. But Dad told us that he won't wanna step his foot back to Chatuchak again. Too crowded and hot he said. LOL. We took a cab back to our hotel in Chinatown for 350 Baht and guess what. The taxi driver didn't even know where the hotel is. WTH! Luckily, I was able to direct him to our hotel although we only stayed there for one day. But how come I'm still a noob driver in Penang? >___<

Dinner wasn't provided that night but I was glad! Haha. We walked to Chinatown (15 minutes or so from our hotel) and went food hunting from stalls to stalls. We had bird nests with gingko and shark fin soup again. That was around RM100 and Mum said she wanna come for the bird nest again! LOL. After that, we walked around and saw a long queue outside a shop selling KUEH CHAP! Yes, it's kueh chap!! We decided to join in the fun and ordered one bowl to try too. We waited for at least 1 hour for this little bowl. -________-" But it was nice! Hehe. Worth the wait but 3 people had to share this little bowl. Then, we tried the yong to fu which is PINK in color!!! I've tried this before in Phuket and I think Dad and Mum should try it too. Hehe. Before heading back to the hotel, we tapao-ed some nice apom back. I don't know what are the ingredients inside the apom but it's somehow special lo.


Please say this collage is nice. LOL.

Day 5

We walked around Chinatown and most of the shops are closed!! It was Sunday I guess. We took the wrong turn and came to a place with a bewildering array of stalls selling hardware, wholesale food, auto parts, antiques, fakes, textiles, stereos and second hand goods. Everything under the sun that you can find is for sale! Argh. Not that we're interested also. Then, we decided to head back to the other direction and we finally came to a place that sells clothes! LOL. I bought a pair of cute pyjamas there for RM10 and it's really comfy! Yea. Die die also must buy something on my last day in Bangkok. LOL.

Our flight was at 2 p.m. but we left 2 hours earlier. After checking in, we walked around the new airport and searched for Burger King. LOL. But Burger King was closed on that day. Damn it. We ended up having pizza, chicken wings and sandwich for lunchie. Hehe.

Wow. It took me a while to blog about my trip eh? Haha. Paiseh. Finally, I've done my homework. Argh. Now I miss Bangkok after blogging. ^^


Zeekco said...

hi Erin!
im checking out bangkok next week and damn exited!!! nice post! i missed out Chatuchak lastrip. reason being i went on weekdays and so this time ill make sure i die die must step my foot in.

p/s im a sucker too when it comes to consoling ppl. i only text sharon. wanted to call but scared dont know what to say and react.

Eryn said...

LOL. My friend is going end of this month! Everyone's going to BKK to shop! My mum said she wanna go again. Hehe.

Die die also wanna use 'die die' in your sentence like me? =P

I think she'll appreciate that you text her lo. =) Getting better I hope.