Friday, July 18, 2008

The Birthday Prank

What did I do during my birthday this year? Let's see. I went to Cow Car Water (Niu Ze Xui) again for shoppings. Got myself two dresses for less than RM100. Yay! Cheap right? It's like shopping in Bangkok again, perhaps in a better and cleaner environment. The place is quite new if I'm not mistaken. LOL. Mr. BF's sister brought me to Cats Whiskers after that and I got myself another dress. Yea! I'm a dress freak I know. Woot!

Birthday dinner was at Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant at The Curve after 8++. The specialty here is none other than shrimp of course. I know. Cholesterol is all I absorbed for the weekend. Sobs.

Cute naughty logo no?

The surroundings. ;)

Blue sign if you're not requiring any services, red otherwise.
A bit too BIG I think as it occupies quite a number of space on the table.

No. I don't wish to order anything yet. I would prefer to camwhore first. HAHA!

Menu on a ping pong racket and a bucket of spices & sauce.

Again, we had to put this on the floor as the table was too small.
One good thing is the portion of our food was big!! ^^

Left - Some peach drink that a friend ordered.
Right - Run Forrest Run: Mixture of fresh oranges, strawberries, bananas and raspberry non-fat yogurt.

Appetizer that cost RM 5.90

Bourbon Mahi Mahi: Charbroiled cajun mahi mahi with bourbon sauce
and shrimp served over mashed potatoes.

"I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp: Large shrimp stuffed with crab,
baked in garlic butter and topped with Monterey Jack Cheese. Served with Jasmine Rice.

Fish and Chips: Their homemade beer batter coats mahi mahi perfectly
to create the best fish and chips you’ve ever had.

4 types of shrimps, each prepared in a different way and came with fries.

Fries overdosed!!! @___@

Remember about me saying that I wanna bring Mr. BF to TGI Fridays during his birthday so that he can be swarmed with the TGIF crew, singing him the birthday song and he would have to stand high up on the chair and give his birthday speech with a pepper grinder? While eating, I heard some singings at the other table. Someone was celebrating their birthday on that night too! GOSH! Mr. BF purposely brought me to this restaurant so that I could 'enjoy' the birthday prank that I wished to play on him. Naughty him. He just laughed when I confronted him. Sobs.

After dinner, the restaurant crew came to me and asked me to walk in front so that I could be surrounded by them. Then, they placed a chair in the middle and asked me to stand on that chair!!!! Of course I don't wanna stand on the chair and be a laughing stock to everyone. Sobs. I told them I was wearing dress and there's NO WAY I'm gonna embarrass myself like that. Fine. I was forced to stand in the middle instead and they started singing. I think there were at least 10 of them singing THIS!!!

If you want your birthday cake, let me see your birthday shake... shake shake shake...
If you want your birthday cake, let me see your body shake... shake shake shake...
If you want your birthday cake, let me see your booty shake... shake shake shake...

Seriously, I can't really hear if it's a birthday or body or booty shake. Iskh. It's videoed down anyways and NO I'M NOT GONNA SHARE IT HERE! >___<

Guess how my birthday cake looked like? @____@

We have no idea what this is actually. A mixture of chocolate and syrup? LOL. I couldn't even finish it. HAHA. Sigh. It was quite embarrassing lor. Argh. I hate you Mr. BF!! You're so mean and I'll get my revenge next year I SWEAR!! Grrrr...

Me and my so called birthday cake. LOL. After I did my birthday/body/booty shake.

Group pic. That's Mr. BF's leng lui sis and BF. They don't look alike hor? :)

Damage of the night. Do take note that birthday cake is RM 0.00. ROFL.


Zeekco said...

I had bad experience with Bubba Gump! went there when they first launched and not happy wth the service, the food.. bascally everything! and i think they have limited food choice compared to the ones in US. Supposed to blog it out, but its long gone, so ill forget bout it.

Glad you think otherwise. Happy belated birthday btw!

Eryn said...

Thank you thank you.

Ya hor. They do have limited food choice. LOL. I was too happy to notice that day. =P