Thursday, July 10, 2008

Butterflies Instead =P

This entry is about my very first and last visit to Penang's Butterfly Farm with entrance fee of RM10. Strictly NOT recommended because the so called butterfly farm has ONLY 2 or 3 species of butterflies but you can find a LOT of weird and ugly insects. Oh ya. Lots of tourists too. :S

Most pics are taken with my loyal IXUS 50 with ISO 50 before I ruined the rest of my pics with ISO400. But do stay as I have lots of great pics at the end of this entry. =)

Besides seeing giant turtles, bugs, giant earth worms, scorpions, etc. we have weird insects which are indescribable. :S

It's not a stick seriously

Some yucky insect with torns

This is not some kind of leaf too. :S

Let's move on with some photos taken from a mighty SLR with mighty and uber expensive lens.

Mr Photographer said he suxs. Just like the butterfly. =P

Wee~~! Even the butterfly loves my camera. Sweet.

That's pineapple you know?

My favorite shots would be these!!!

Bokeh is uber cool!

Hehe. Love the background.

Mr. Photographer: Humans are gods' creation to destroy all other gods' creation.
Even a poor defenseless butterfly ain't spared from the wrath of humanity. (YEAH! He's talking 'bout me!)

Why not end this entry with the model of the day? PLEASE promise me that you won't puke. ROFL!!!


So, any chance of sponsoring me a SLR? Anyone? =(


oOFooi said...

Love the nature lah.. haha~~ Butterflies is our frens.. ;)

Neo said...

Beautiful butterflies and the pics are great considering it's a mighty compact point-and-shoot camera. :)

Eryn said...

oofooi, I just wanna touch and feel how their wings are like. My bad. >___<

neo, thank you thank you. I still love my loyal ixus. ;)

IamDoryFish~ said...

eh, i had been there for 2 times! and I spotted more than 3 species wor. I shall say, there were 6 at least. blogged a post about it sometime ago :P

Eryn said...

Dory, Hmmm. Let me think. I saw white, blue, orange and black. Opps. that's more than 3 liau. Haha!

OMG. Can't believe you went twice. =P

Dean said...

yeah the slr won the comp. no doubt ;)
the digital cam sure got good pics oso..i use canon s5 (a digital camera) :D

Eryn said...

Dean, Thanks! Hehe. Don't know when I'll be rich enough to upgrade my camera... =P

Cso said...

nice camera angle

Eryn said...

cso, Thanks for visiting and the compliments! Hehe.