Thursday, July 03, 2008

Claimed At Last

Northam Tower and Menara Northam are actually TWO DIFFERENT BUILDINGS! Who actually came up with these names huh? Genius. I checked online carefully just in case I got lost but still, I couldn't locate Nuffnang's office. Hell no. I was on the right place but I couldn't locate the office. Then I called up one of Nuffnang employee and asked if there's a Maxis office on the ground floor. He said yes but why I still can't find their office? It's because the office does not have a signboard! Or is there something wrong with my eyes? @___@

I saw Tim (Nuffnang's boss there) and we only greet hello to each other. I'm not so friendly shy ma. LOL. Nuffnang is hiring people and that's why the boss is here! I knew that because I read his blog! =P


My very first earning from blogging thanks to Nuffnang and MDG!

It's a RM100 prepaid MasterCard and you have to register first to activate. AmBank will be charging you RM3 every month after they activate the card. So, I think I will cancel the card and get the cash most likely. I can do that right? Hmmm....

After that, I went town to service my car alone. Third service is supposed to be 10000km but so far I've only reached 5000 km. Pro or not? LOL. That's not the main point actually. The main point is I got lost AS PREDICTED!!! Sad right? I always rely on Mr. BF to bring me around. Darn. I know I should drive around Penang more. =P


IamDoryFish~ said...

haha, we are so alike! i always depend on fernando. he drives me ard in penang, everywhere!! dory lousy in directions. *tsk tsk tsk*

khengsiong said...

I think in Singapore, there is one place called Redhill, and another called Bukit Merah...

Eryn said...

*hi five* to you! LOL. I hope I am getting better. Hehe.

Kheng Siong,
Confusing right? I got lost once tracking a shop in Sg. Pinang before. There's actually 3 Sg. Pinang in Penang if I'm not mistaken. >_<