Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Day Before Her Birthday

WARNING! *** toot toot toot ***

This entry is super overloaded with pics, so take your sweet time loading the page ya? Hehe. A shorter version can be found here at Kopi Ais' blog.

Dinner was at Sushi Groove @ 1U after ditching Mr. BF to be with my friends the movie Journey To The Center of The Earth. I'll suggest you guys to watch the 3D version of this movie though. It's really an exciting adventure based on the classic Jules Verne novel but I didn't get to finish the book though. Urm. That was ages ago when my uncle bought me the book. Hehe.

A very long table that can allocate around 20 ppl.

Don't cha think this pic is nice? It's not taken by me though.
Someone's occupying my camera the whole night. Ah bish!!!! b-(

If you really go through this list, you will know that they serve cili padi in their sushi.
Their wasabi was totally no kick at all. >___<

Share your food! With strangers sitting next to you too I assume?

Are you guys ready for some mouth watering sushi??? I still prefer the one in Sri Hartamas though. Never try never know. =P

The good thing eating with a bunch of good old friends is you won't feel pai seh at all to snap photos of the food served before anyone could taste them! HAHA! They will ask if you're done snapping yet before they savour the very first bite. =))

Kopi Ais in action. Wee~! At last there's someone in common.

Someone you should respect due to her 'pangkat'. LOL.

Banana and Chloe, the forever loving couple.

Sophea and Zaai Yuen.

Group pic. Wee~!

Here's another. Few ppl are missing from this pic oh. ;)

Again, he's not Mr. BF!!! Why ppl always mistaken him as my bf?

Me and Mr. Penguin who was featured in my blog earlier. Still single and available!!! *promote*

After dinner, we went shopping and it's funny to see a bunch of GUYS tagging behind the gals who were busy shopping for shoes at Vincci. ROFL. It's like they have no where else to go other than following us! ^___^

We went to Station One at 'Cow Car Water' (Niu Ze Xui) for supper a.k.a. countdown celebration. Can't they think of a better name for this place? Someone lost his bet to me and was forced to drink beer! Wakakakakaka! Dai sei really. I think we spent at least 3 hours there and no we didn't go clubbing on Saturday night. =P

It was a busy night. ;)

Moi's birthday cakes. Haha.

Happy me. *cheers*

Coincidently, Saturday was a public holiday and that's why I get to go KL this year to celebrate my birthday! Wee!!! Please don't think I purposely go KL just to celebrate my birthday and claim presents from you guys ya? ROFL....

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