Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Food Hunt - Pan Mee

A friend recommended the 'sar hor fun' and said that it's so popular that you have to be there at 6 in the evening. We tried but it's only so so. I saw people eating pan mee, wanton (without the mee) and porridge more. So, this time, we ordered the pan mee. I tried the soup one before but I prefer the dry version. Hehe. Somehow, it's (a lot) different from the ones we tried around Bayan Lepas/Bukit Jambul area.

I love having pan mee. Hehe. It's actually flat rice noodle (mostly hand made) served with/without clear soup, garnished with minced/sliced pork, anchovies, fish balls, sambal, etc. Gosh. This reminds me of the famous Kin Kin pan mee I had in KL. *drool*

Rm3.50 for this. Mr. BF said the minced pork is way too much compared to the noodles. If and only if they are balanced. ^^

I know. The noodles are not flat at all. LOL.

Wanton with shrimp. One bowl of this costs us RM 3!! But it's tasty.

We wanted to try out the porridge but the lady told us that we had to wait for like half an hour or maybe more. Told ya that almost everyone come here for the porridge. It's a must try next time. -______-"

Gee. I wonder the map I drew is correct or not. Haha. It's definitely somewhere near Esso and New World Park. If I'm not mistaken, the road is Jln Macalister? I would be so proud if my direction is correct. ROFL.

I think you should trust your instinct more than my map.
You'll be looking for the corner shop that sells grilled fish in front. ^^

Seriously, it's a different version of pan mee that you can find in Penang. ;)

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