Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get Smart with Two Lab Tech

Remember Bruce and Lloyd from the movie Get Smart? Yeah. These two geeks below. ;)

For those who haven't seen Get Smart, Bruce and Lloyd are tech specialists at Control, a covert U.S. intelligence agency. They are the ones who come up with the fancy gadgets used by the field agents in CONTROL. If you enjoyed the Get Smart movie and found these characters lovable, you would love this!

Warner Brothers released a DVD follow-up and it's called 'Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control'. How many films have this kind of promotional side story launched while the movie is still fresh? Hehe. The movie stars Masi Oka (Bruce) and Nate Torrence (Lloyd). Remember the gal 'Charlie' who appeared as 'Hiro Nakamura's lover in the #1 hit TV series "HEROES"? She's also in the film as Bruce's lover, Nina. Hehe. Don't get me wrong but Out of Control is not a sequel. It's simply the back story of what happened at Control while Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 were out on their mission. Pretty creative no?

What do I think about the movie? Masi and Nate definitely have a good amount of chemistry and they are able to play their characters real well. If you have watched Get Smart and liked both Bruce and Lloyd characters, then I'm sure you can get a certain level of enjoyment watching this movie. I like the idea of having something more to show to Get Smart's fans. Just that it's not as good as Get Smart movie but it's definitely worth a look! It's a 70+ minutes long movie but I find it quite entertaining especially during the movie's end credits. Hehe. Oh ya. Did I mention that I've always loved Masi Oka? He's just so cute and funny. No ratings will be given though. A lot said it's a crap movie compared to Get Smart but I already had my say. So you go and judge yourself. ;)


pinky said...

I'm Masi Oka's fan too. He's so cute! I will watch this movie anyway. Sure hope its nice;)

The Devil said...

eh... i heard the "out of control" version is a ripped off from the original movie... no meh?

Eryn said...

Pinky, *hi five* I like the movie. Hope you like it too. ;)

Devil, I have no idea. Don't care so much and just watch nia. I don't even know such movie exists until last night. =P