Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Happy Kid with Happy Feet

Last Sunday was Mr. BF's birthday. In order to celebrate with him ALONE for the very first time, I decided not to include his friends and let his friends plan for him the day before. I hate organizing dinner/party when it involves too many people. Besides, he has lots of friends and I only have a few of their contacts only. Lousy me eh? =P

My dearest vampire did not sleep at all on Friday night. He only went to bed on Saturday afternoon (YEAH!! You read that correct!!!) and I had so much trouble waking him up for dinner! At one point of time, I wanted so much to smack him on the face and use whatever force I have to drag him out of bed. I think I've trained myself to be more patient nowadays especially when I'm dealing with a pig. When we reached the restaurant, all his friends knew that he just woke up. ROFL.

Yummy carrot cake.

The vampire pig, his two gfs gf and friends.

After dinner, we wanted to go for karaoke but the birthday boy rejected our proposal. I think he would most likely fall asleep if we go karaoke. (I always fall asleep during my karaoke sessions!) We went to watch movie instead. Yeah. It's so predictable right? We wanted to watch Hancock at first but we did not managed to grab any seats. In the end, we watched a SUCKY movie - Wanted. Seriously, don't ever waste your money to watch Wanted at the cinema. Somemore, we were on the second row from the front! Gosh. That's really terrible. Luckily, I did not get a headache after that.

On Sunday, I brought Mr. BF to Happy Feet Fish Spa in New World Park! They are having this promotion (for July) and birthday guest gets one free session! In the end, I only had to pay Rm22 for two persons. Hehe.

Happy Feet Counter.

The place is not so big, so you have to do your bookings first.

Garra Rufa fish is known for their specialty to nibble away dead skins.

We had to wash our feet first before soaking our smelly feet into the pond. It's super duper ticklish at first and I kept laughing. A kid was sitting next to us and he had a few attempts of soaking his feet into the pond but failed eventually. You should see his reaction. We ended up laughing at him instead. He's just too cute. In the end, he scares all the fishes away. =(

*nibble nibble nibble*

Fish 1: Extra yummy because it's his birthday today!
Fish 2: Yeah!! I'm so hungry!

A picture of us trying our very first fish spa (and maybe the last). If you're wearing skirt/dress like me, you'll be given a towel so that you won't 'run light' by covering wherever that is necessary'. =P

After that, we had a stroll around New World Park before walking to the restaurant which is like 5 minutes away. Good planning eh? I'm so clever because I know exactly where the place is located and being the driver of the day, I did not get lost on our way there. LOL. Somemore, I've been wanting to try out the famous ribs at this particular restaurant.

Ribs Barbeque Restaurant has the best ribs in town at a reasonable price.

The restaurant has a nice ambiance too.

Mr. BF ordered the RM55 dinner set that comes with white wine, soup of the day, lamb with cod fish and a dessert. For me, I had the 6 pieces ribs (RM30+) of course! It comes with two side dishes and I had coleslaw and mashed potato.

My yummylicious banana strawberry shake (RM9) vs the yucky white wine.

Mushroom soup that comes with garlic bread.

My awesome BBQ ribs. We loved it!

Sweet cod fish and tender lambs. The lamb's really good and I love that a lot too!

Small dessert that you can finish within 2 mouths.
This is good because you won't wanna stuff yourself too much with food right?

After dinner, I pretended to be lost and drove Mr. BF to Queens Bay mall. I've always joked about bringing him to TGI Fridays during his birthday so that he can be swarmed with the TGIF crew, singing him the birthday song and he would have to stand high up on the chair and give his birthday speech with a pepper grinder. Hehe. He did not want to get out from the car at first and I had to drag him out! ROFL. In the end, I told him that I've booked the movie Hancock (the movie is great!) on Friday and I can see that he's relieved. HAHA! He kept denying the fact that he got tricked by me! Muahahaha!! Naughty me.

Hey Mr. BF! I hope you had a great time during your birthday! You're always smart and I always fail to trick you. But this time, you lose! I finally tricked you!!!!! MUHAHAHHAHAH!!


Jocelyn said...

I like the entry in your blog. It’s really lovely. I’d love so much to be your boyfriend! LOL

I give you a “thumbs up” for tricking Mr BF. You are right. He’s smart and hardly gets tricked by people like us.

How nice it would be if you really brought him to TGIF and took pictures of him standing on the chair giving a speech with a pepper grinder. That would be so cool.

IamDoryFish~ said...

Very well planned indeed! :) I tried the RIBS before..long time ago.NICE!. ur bf must had a wonderful birthday!

Eryn said...

Till now, he doesn't wanna admit that he got tricked lei. Now he wanna bring me to TGIF on my bday pulak!

Yeah. I'm so proud. Got his present last minute also just after going around shopping for 2 days.

PoiPoi said...

oh.. finally i get to see his pic. whahha.. hapi belated bday :P

never been to ribs. will try this weekend. keke.

Eryn said...

PoiPoi, HAHAHA! Make sure next time you don't simply pair me up with someone else. =P

wyenn said...

lol, the fish spa looks yucky to me!

Eryn said...

Not yucky la. Must try and experience ma. It's ticklish!! Hehe.