Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to get fat in less than a WEEK

FYI, this manual is for hungry and crazy ppl like me. LOL.

Going to Kuching from Penang isn't that pricey IF you book your flight early. I got mine at RM250 but if you book your ticks really late or during peak season, one to and fro might cost you around RM400 - RM600. Every Christmas and CNY, I would be spending that much just to balik kampung. Sobs.

Once I stepped my feet on Land of Hornbills, I went crazy searching for the local food that I MISS so much. It's like releasing a mad person from jail really. LOL. It's really easy to GAIN WEIGHT when I'm home just for a few days. Oh Boy. Can someone teach me how to lose weight? I need help in food control management. Oh ya. Not forgetting money management too. >___<

Behold!!! The following photos might make you hungry and go nuts like me. =P

Third mile Kueh Chap for supper once I arrived.

Tomato Mee. I don't fancy tomato mee really but someone has some influence on me apparently.

Sarawak Laksa for breakfast? Fionz took me to the one in Sekama and ordered a big bowl for me. *drool*

Teh C Peng Special.

Char mee suah!! It's actually mihun. Located at 911 cafe in Hui Sing, you can find yummy things like this and also their specialty assam fish/chicken.

Tea time: White lady at Song Kheng Hai market.

Ang Tao Peng.

Char Kueh! I won't miss this! We had two plates somemore. >___<

The oh so famous rojak at the market.

Big Apple Donuts for tea. Anyone?
I love the "Alien" flavour. Durian is too smelly but it taste like heaven. =P

2 scoops of Desserts ice cream is only RM 6. Cheap isn't it?
Blueberry cheesecake flavour is heaven!! No wonder so many blogged about this! ^^

Mum's assam fish for dinner. I had malee chai on that night too. Awesome.

What's for supper? Beef noodle and sio bee (siew mai) from Open Air? =P

Breakfast again? The 'real' kolok mee. Kekeke.

Kolok lao su fen.

Fried popiah. Bunny''s favourite. I had the non fried one from 4th mile too. Yum.

Ice cream again. I tried the sour plum flavour and it's too sour. It's unique but I don't think I wanna try that again.

It's really easy to gain weight when you're home no? That's not ALL I tell you. More food to tempt you in my next entry. =P


Claire said...

I LOVE Kuching food too! It is only normal for you to put on once you're back.. I am the same too..keke

The Devil said...

Hey!!! u tak gip warning at the top of the page...

Now i'm super hungry... jialat...

I miss all those foods.... :(

Eryn said...

HAHA. Seems like I'm not the only one. But still feel guilty lei. >.<

It's written on the title lei. How to GET FAT!!

Miss J said...

No wonder put on weight la! That amount of food in a few days?!!?! I salute you lady...

I miss the tomato mee :(

Pink Cotton said...

eh?u kuching lang?

try bubblegum flavor at it :)

Eryn said...

Miss J,
Eh I normally eat that much when I'm back lei. =P

Pink Cotton,
Aiyo. I am back in Penang liao. Hope I can still remember when I go back Kch next time.

I tried blueberry cheesecake because I read it in your blog lei. HAHA!

zewt said...

certainly not tough eh? hehe...