Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Babysitting!

Remember me introducing Mr. Jelly Bean in my blog earlier? I'm babysitting him for 5 days. Yay! He's with me since Friday and everyday I would give him soft pats which I think he might enjoy. He drinks a lot, say 1 bottle of water everyday. That's why he pees a lot I think. He eats a lot compared to Sooty, my little hammy. That's why his boo boo is huge? LOL. He squeaks when he senses food around him and he hops around the cage when he's scared. Till now, I can't get him out from his cage because 1) He's huge. 2) I'm scared of him. 3) He's scared of me (DOH!!).

He's like 2 of my palms while Sooty is like 1/4 of my palm. Both are virgins so... Hmmm. Let's not go into that since I've tried devirginizing Sooty before and failed, dooming Fabby's life. But can we breed hamster and guinea pig together? Blek. =P

As usual, cut the crap and go to the pics instead!

His mighty sharp paw.

Introducing Sooty to Jelly for the first time. I'm a good matchmaker.

Hey! So fast move to kissing meh?

Intruder spotted. *toot toot toot*

Check out their sizes.

FOOD! *squeak*

Yum. He can finish half a carrot in a day.

Check out his nose! Super cute right? Two colors woh...


This is how Jelly looks like when he's sleeping. He sleeps like a pig really.

Eh. I think Sooty is getting jealous since I've been ignoring her. LOL. Here are some pics of my oh so cute hammy who bites her owner still.

So, who is cuter here? Hehe. =P

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Jocelyn said...

I'm sure Jelly misses you lots for all the great care and pats you've given him! Not to mention the new friend you introduced to him.

Want to baby sit again? LOL ...

The pictures were lovely, you both were great (you good photographer, Jelly good poser)...

I just wondered, how they reacted to each other? Sooty and Jelly?