Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Little Bit Too Obsessed

HAHA! I'm gonna blog about Jelly again. I'm so head over heels with this cute little webbit lookalike guinea pig. (My housemate thought it's a webbit.) LOL. I finally got him out from his cage so that I can wash his dirty cage. His cage was quite wet due to his pee pee and I had to pick up his boo boo too. Now I know how 'wei da' my parents are. >_____<

Who cuts his tail????

He's really a big eater. He gobbles up almost everything! Carrot, vege (stem too), his expensive guinea pig's pellets, etc. No wonder he's so fat la. Kekeke.

Jelly: Do not disturb me when I'm eating!!! *growl*

I want my food! *growl growl growl*

Of course, I camwhored with Jelly! Since it's so hard to get him out from the cage ma. Haha. Just look at his size! He's heavy and his paws are sharp. He scratched me. *pain*

I had to edit this pic because I was in my cute cute pyjamas. Keke. I look very 'chan' i know. =(

I'll have to return him to his owner on Wednesday (I think). Sobs. Oh well. I will pester Mr. BF to get me a new pet after that. But I have zero idea what type of pet I should get lei. Any idea? Kindly check out my poll on the right. Keke.

Sekian, terima kasih. ^^


The Devil said...

i had too much of hamsters during mmu time... and i had too much rabbits during 2nd year of working... my advice... dont get those pets in pairs... as in.. male + female... they really can reproduce...

Eryn said...

Which one needs more care? I heard rabbit is quite smelly esp the urine.

Jocelyn said...

don't get rabbits as they can grow huge... guinea pig is still the best! like my sweet Jelly

i saw these really cute baby rabbits with clothes and hair ribbons at chatuchak market in bangkok. they were selling for 100 baht only.. cheap right?