Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Showered with Pigs

I went to the post office during lunch today and was greeted with a parcel from Wyenn all the way from Spore. Awww. She is the sweetest friend of all. You know why? When I was in Spore the other day, I saw a cute plush toy at Takashimaya and I pointed to her. And I got it delivered to me as a belated birthday gift few months later. I mean. Who on earth would remember what I pointed or said as I always point at cute stuffs (especially pig) and shiok sendiri. HAHAHA!

Tee Hee. I know secretly, she loves me. ;)

Sweet just like the sender and also the recipient. ROFL.

The lady has only few strands of hair?

Thanks a lot BUDAK! I'm so kam tung and grateful to have a wonderful friend like you. Wakakakakka... :X :X :X

Apart from that, I got another 2 piggies added to my pig collection thanks to Banana and Chloe. It's really easy to buy me a birthday gift really. LOL.

The fat one would be named Xiao Ping Ping due to some particular reasons. =P

Here's another piggy from the guy who owes me quite a number of presents and meals. I''l have to start jotting down every single thing you owe me dude! No kidding! ;)

It would be nice if it's in pink!

A lovely card from a bunch of good friends.

One asked me to stay blogging and another asked me to get slim! DOH! Very funny.

A lovely dress which I haven't try on yet. It should fit as I'm not that fat also. La la la.

Thank you peeps! Muaxxxx~~!!!!

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