Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today feels like Friday

*hum the song leaving on a jetplane*

I have zero mood to work today. It feels like Friday really. I came to work at 7.20 and plan to leave at 3+. Remember this entry a month ago? It's time to spill the beans. I think many close friends would know who the 'HE' I was referring to in that entry. My flight is at 5.45 and I'm heading
HOME! I'm so excited.

He's gonna be so surprised! I mean both of them. These two fellows below don't know I'm coming home tonight.

Moi's parents.

HAHAHA! I have to pixelate their faces. Cannot 'sia soi' my parents on my blog right? They are the cutest and sporting parents on earth! I mean. Would you pose like that for your kids? Would you? FYI, that was taken in Bangkok and I asked them to pose like that for me. ROFL.

I can't help smiling now. I know I'm too romantic naughty to have this kind of idea. My buddy's gonna fetch me from the airport later and before that, I'm gonna call my parents just to test if they are at home. Yeah. I'm gonna lie again. I lied when Mum asked if I'm planning to go home since AirAsia was having cheap flights back to Kuching the other day. I nearly blurted out the truth when we talked over the phone a few times. It's very hard not to be honest with my parents you know? Besides, lying is bad. Kakakaka...

Argh. A few hours more. Now I only need to pray that my flight will not be delayed.

*hum the song leaving on a jetplane*

P/S: The Dark Knight is AWESOME. I think I anticipate more for Joker to appear rather than the Batman himself. It's a must watch! Forget Jelly. I think I'm falling for Mr. Joker now. ;)

*hum the song leaving on a jetplane*


JustinKC said...

You have a very sporting parents! What a great and fun family. Oh yeah, lying to own parents .....i wont do that, very hard to look into their eyes if i does it.

Miss J said...

nah, don't think my parents will do funny pose for me..

maybe i'll do it when i'm a parent though.. my mom did say i'm sillier than she is.. LOL