Friday, July 11, 2008

A Weirdo He Is

I have a colleague and we always call him Ah Miao. I prefer to call him Kitty. Yes. A guy colleague. A weird and funny guy I would say. A guy who seldom says NO to others. A guy who really adores his fiance A LOT! *envy*

In the morning, he came to my cubicle and ...

Kitty: Erin! Look what I got in my hand.
Erin: ....
Kitty: Hahaha!
Erin: Go away!!! You are crazy!!!

In the afternoon, he came to me again and ...

Kitty: I'm bored. Talk to me!
Erin: Shoo! Don't disturb me...
Kitty: I still have the thing I showed you this morning, you know?
Erin: Huh? Gosh! You're really insane.
Kitty: You should come and see where I place her/him.

So, I walked over and ...


ROFL. I did not faint la of course. I just laughed out loud and told my other colleagues what he did!

Wanna know what he did?????????

Yes. It's a DEAD FLY and he is keeping it! Resting it on top of his plant. I mean... who on earth do such thing?????

Then, he showed me this ....

Kitty: An operator gave me this as a present.
Erin: You have this with you all the time? *gasp*
Kitty: Yes I do...

It's a DEAD dragonfly!!!!!!!!

The other day, he came to my cubicle and took out something from his bag.

Kitty: I have a bird!
Erin: I know... ( Opps. He's not talking about errr... =P )
Kitty: You see? I don't know if it's alive when I knocked on him.
Erin: OH MY GOD!!!! You brought a bird into the office!
Kitty: It was dying and I don't know what to do....
Erin: You better get that thing out of here before anyone finds out...

And no. I don't have the picture of the dead bird with me. YUCKS! I need to get out from here!!! I have a crazy colleague whom I see everyday! Argh!!!

I'll be back on Tuesday. Till then, enjoy your weekend! I know I will for sure. ;)


fie the elf said...

omg..what a weirdo.

who keeps dead birds in a bag.

Eryn said...

Haha. Yeah!! Kitty is a certified weirdo. =P