Monday, July 21, 2008

What's for Dinner?

I had this sudden craving for the pasembur at Batu Lanchang market yesterday. So, we headed out for brunch at around 3+ for the famous pasembur stall operated by a chinese lady. FYI, pasembur is a type of Indian food/salad consisting of shredded cucumber, turnip, potatoes, beancurd, bean sprouts, prawn fritters, spicy fried crab, etc. I always got lost finding my way to the market but this time, I'm 100% sure that I won't be lost again. ;)

They have wet market too so we decided to snoop around for veges and chicken. Yeah. I felt like an auntie shopping at a wet market. Argh. Darn. We bought some malee chai (our favourite) and kai lan plus two Silver Pomfret (Ikan Bawal Putih) that cost RM 16. Pretty expensive for two fish eh? Maybe I kena 'potong' because I don't look like an auntie who knows the market price bah. ROFL.

We had these yesterday. Super yummy. My first ever steamed silver prompret that tasted like mama's cooking.

Mama's recipe - steamed ikan bawal putih.

Malee chai (pucuk manis) with egg.

My fake version of shark fin soup with chicken and egg. ;)

Adios peeps. Gonna continue my movie 'The Love Guru' now. Just came back from the movie (The Red Cliff) ma. I know. It's 1 am now. =(

Tata! :*

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The Devil said...

it's called mani chai... hahahaha :P mani.... air.... mani... hahahahaha

just joking... :D

the fish is biasa i think... as in the price... that kind of fish expensive nowadays...