Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Traffic was bad on my way back from work yesterday. Everyday the traffic police would put some road blocks in the middle of the road (somewhere near Snake Temple) so that people would use the small road on the left instead of going straight. Then, cars coming from the opposite would have chance to U-turn easily. Never mind if you don't understand. What I wanna say is ... I caused an accident during the jam yesterday! Argh!

I was coming out from the small road on the left and trying to go to the middle lane. Say if I don't cut to the right, I will have to turn to the left at the junction in front. The guy in front managed to cut into the middle lane so I figured I can tag behind him. But traffic kept coming so I had to cut behind the lady instead. But the stupid jerk (pardon me) next to me did not want to give way totally! The stupid him kept going to the front so that I had no chance of cutting him. Damn it. Then, he accelerated for no reason and I heard a BIG BANG!!!

I'm driving the piggy bank. LOL. Just imagine the road is jammed pack with cars. =P

I was shocked of course!! But happy at the same time! Really serve him right! If he let me cut him in the first place, maybe he won't be involved in the accident right? But say if he let me cut him, maybe he'll be knocking me instead! Gosh! What a stupid and impatient guy! This fellow has ZERO courtesy on the road I tell you! Grrr....

On the happier side, I'm getting my dress that I bought online today! Supposed to get the dress on Saturday but the delivery guy from SKYNET did not call me up! Then, he called again yesterday when I was not at home. I could no longer wait so I decided to head over to the office to grab the dress myself. LOL!! Just pray the dress is in good condition and I will look nice in it. Yay!


Miss J said...

Which one is the piggy bank car that you're driving? The pink one? Crap, good thing you didn't get to cut in otherwise he'd have knock you. There are just too many RUDE drivers around nowadays! HMmmpH!

banana said...

yeah, served him right! i hate this kinda drivers. What's wrong to give way to others???!!!

Pink Cotton said...

hmm padan muka
i also hate ppl who ngei ngei don wanto nio ppl wan...

yay u got ur dress! sui bo?lol
this is the part i like abt online shopping too....coming home to see a parcel for u...hehe

eh u hvn share the online shopping websites ler :P

Miss J said...

My BF said that in Penang if you want to cut into another LANE, ngei ngei push your car into the lane first BARU signal!!! Wah lau.. spoken like a TRUE Penangite RUDE KNS driver huh? Dare to teach me like that AFTER telling me that in NZ if people already signal and you don't 'nio' you'll kena SAMAN leh!

BTW, I am thinking of shopping online also liao...ha ha..

izso said...

Penang drivers are like that la. All ganas gila drivers.

Malaccan drivers are psycho.

KL drivers are bad but not that psycho.

Worse is the Singaporeans. Ish.