Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

We went for the midnight show last night at Bukit Jambul. Yeah. Bukit Jambul! I hate Bukit Jambul!!!! I think I complained before in my blog. Argh. The cinema is so smelly and you have heads blocking your view. Last night was no exemption. There's this stupid uncle who sat so straight that his head blocked half of my view. You're supposed to loosen up and lean on your seat while enjoying the movie UNCLE!!! The seat is crappy and at the end of the show, I saw that they used cable ties to fasten the handle. WTH. Clarence kept laughing at how crappy the cinema/movie was. And I had to lean to his side for the whole movie because of that uncle! Sigh. VampireM. If you're reading this, I don't wanna watch any movies at Bukit Jambul anymore! PLEASE! *sobs*

Okay. Enough with the rantings. Still, Pavilion Cinema at Bukit Jambul SUCKS big time! *grrr*

We went for this!! The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor.

I've always loved The Mummy 1 and 2. That's why I'm so eager to watch the 3rd one. The bald mummy is so cool I tell you. Remember this? Kakakaka....

I love Brendan Fraser and Jet Li. But where's Rachel Weisz? Rachel Weisz decided not to reprise her role and she had to be replaced by Maria Bello. Who the heck is this Maria with the terrible British accent? In Mummy 2, they had a son right? But does the following photo says anything about Father and Son? Look more like a pair of brothers right?

I goggled the 'son' and guess what. 26 years old actor Luke Ford is only 13 years younger than Brendan Fraser. They can't find a younger cast for this role meh? Michelle Yeoh's and Jeneral Ming's Mandarin is weird. The actress who played 'Lin' is oh so pretty. They have Anthony Wong as one of the cast too. What a surprise. Hehe. It also wonder me why they hire one of the great stars of Hong Kong martial arts movies and gave him such a role with not much kungfu involved. Jet Li’s character had a lot of potentials to show lei. Sigh. Everything is happening too fast, jumping from one location to another. One thing that I can praise is that the movie is definitely rich with special effects. ;)

Oh ya. Uncle George. If you're reading this. I watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army last week. For FREE! GSC gives free tickets as birthday treats ma. LOL. The movie is only so-so nia but I like their creative creature creation. Their tooth fairies are so cute! And this version of tooth fairy will definitely give a fright to little children who watch the movie. ROFL.

Here's what I tried to upload yesterday. I had Penang's version of Kueh Chap in town for breakfast yesterday. It SUCKS big time. LOL.

It comes with duck meat. Funny isn't it?

Presenting Roti Babi! Kakakaka... What a name. It's actually bread stuffed with minced meat and I think I've blogged about it before. LOL.


I think I had too much food yesterday. We went for supper at 2 a.m.!!! How to lose weight la if I'm with a pig and behave like one everyday? *cry*


Miss J said...

I'm so sad you didn't ask me to go watch Mummy 3! I want to watch it as well... :(

Eryn said...

Hey J,

It's last minute decision. I also din know we're going at first. Besides, it's a midnight show and you sleep early. =P