Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cherry Blossom Again

YEAP! It's Cherry Blossom, my favorite Thai Restaurant again. Check out my previous entry on what to order! It's a must to visit if you're a fan of Thai food. LOL.

Belacan Chicken Wings

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Deep Fried Kang Kung

It's our first time ordering Keng Som Tomyam with Prawns. It's freaking HOT. >___<

Dessert with jack fruit and pink water chestnut cubes donno simikgui. LOL.

Some uncle riding on a motorbike knocked on my car after dinner. We were at some cross junction and it was quite dark. Then Mr. BF braked at the junction and I heard BANG! Uncle followed us too close and he said his brake is not that good. Sobs. Luckily it's only minor scratch. My poor girl was knocked for the second time this year but both are also minor scratches thankfully. ARGH!!!!!! =(

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Miss J said...

How many of you went to Cherry Blossom? Didn't ajak me >_<
I like Thai food also although I can't take spicy food (stupid right?)

The dessert is my favourite.. the pink jelly is water chestnut my dear.. and jackfruit