Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cooking is Tiring

Cooking is tiring. NO. Preparing the ingredients is tiring I would say. Since Friday is my last day working in this company, I decided to treat my colleagues to a healthy home cooked breakfast.

Yesterday, I sent out an invitation and 7/8 people replied YES. The "1/8" is just one sucky colleague who does not give a damn but who cares. Sigh. Thinking that one packet of mee suah will not be enough for that many people, I decided to add soup to my breakfast menu! Kekeke.

Meatballs, crab stick, fresh chicken from Giant

Last night *updated*

First of all, I prepared the easiest stuff: cutting garlics, meatballs and crab sticks into little pieces. Then I store them aside for today's cooking.

Seriously, I hate cleaning chicken. Why chickens have so much fat!

Next was chicken cleaning! After making sure that my chicken is 90% fat free, I boiled them in a big pot and kept the soup aside. I had to switch the soup to my rice cooker's pot because I'm lack of big pots. Who can sponsor me a big nice pot? =(

My handphone strap and my pot of chicken soup.

Now, here comes the super duper tedious task. I had to peel the chicken into little strips/pieces using my fingers for nearly an hour. Or maybe more as I didn't check the time. I just know that the process was super long and tiring! I started to wonder how my mum copes with all the preparation for any dinners (ALONE) that involve that many people!

Half more to go!

My lady manager called me at 10 something. She's kind enough to drop by my place and passed me her expensive and cool thermal pot so that I can store my meesuah. At that time, I was still halfway peeling the chicken. I started around 8.30 you know? Slow and steady. Argh! I was so slow. After getting the thermal pot, I continued by cooking the mee suah first. I had to split my mee suah into half as my wok is too small. Haih.

I added carrot and lots of dried shrimps as usual. One colleague even ask if I am adding any prawns or not. Well, I told him I don't even know how to clean a prawn. LOL.

After that, I continued with my tiring task. How I wish I have 10 hands at that time. HAHA!


One can of crab meat is around 6 bucks. I replaced prawns with crab meat.
They're still the same species bah. Haha.

My chicken soup contains chicken (obviously DOH), crab meat and 3 eggs. I added corn flour and chinese wine too. My colleagues said my soup is yummy! Hehe. I'm so happy.

My fake version of shark fin soup. One colleague even ask if it's a shark fin soup!
Mission accomplished! I can trick ppl liau.

Next is going through my favourite vegetable - Malee Chai / Mani Chai. It's also a tedious task. Argh! After picking and cleaning the leaves, I stored them aside. Preparing the ingredients and cooking the 'shark fin soup' took me nearly FOUR damn long hours!

Today *updated*

I slept around 1 and woke up at 5 something today to continue cooking. Haha. I'm so hardworking eh? First, I fried some eggs and 'squashed' my mani chai. I don't know what's the exact word for that but as long as the vegetables are like the picture below, then it's correct. HAHA.

Then I cooked the ingredient I prepared last night.

After that, I proceed to cook the vegetables and finally mixed them altogether with the eggs.

Luckily, I can use the thermal pot on the stove! YEAH! It's so cool right? I love ceramic cooking ware! I heated up the mee suah and mixed the ingredients together. Finally, I'm done!

See how cool the thermal pot is? Haha. I'm so suaku. I finished cooking at 6.45 and reached office at 7.30! My helpful colleague was waiting for me patiently at the car park so that he can help me to carry the heavy pot into the office. Hehe. So nice.

Are you hungry yet? We started eating at 8.20 and there's none left at 9 am. Wakakakkaa.

My mum even asked why am I so hardworking. Kekekek.

I'm super sleepy now and decided to blog this out instead of napping in the office! It's very comforting to see that my colleagues actually enjoyed my cooking! Minus that '1/8' who didn't even care about my hard effort. MUHAHAHAHA! Well, I will never ever prepare food for that many people anymore. It's really that tiring. But guess what! I'm so happy today. Hehe.


banana said...

Who is that sucky colleague of urs? My guess is the emo one :p

wyenn said...

har? i don't understand, you cooking it at night or today's morning? why i read something like cook for 4 hours till 10, then 7am++ can reach office .. blur @_@

Miss J said...

You are such a nice colleague! Cook for the whole lot of them and the trouble you took, the hours you spent! Almost like an ANGEL liao!

Don't cry tomorrow yea... Happy Holidays in advance!

Annie said...

don't forget ah to sing the good bye song...

Na na na na,
Na na na na,
Hey hey hey,
Good Bye...

and don't forget to do the hand wave thing...

See ya tomorrow... :P

cc said...

Nice gesture!
I don't really mind the preparing part, but the cleaning part bugs me. LOL

Pink Cotton said...

aiyo..i wish u were my colleague!!

so nice le your mee hungry! *kri kri kro kro* <--tats my tummy

Irenelim said...

Wow, so good to be your colleague eh... got free breakfast. :)

Ing said...

Wow... I suddenly felt so Lucky that I'm not same Company with CrappyHead!

God bless!

Eryn said...

Banana, you are absolutely right!

Wyenn, I updated the entry liau. Haha. Paiseh to make you blur.

Miss J, Thanks! I'm not an angel la. DOH!

Annie, Lu ki siao ar?

Eryn said...

cc, The cleaning bugs me too but it's not as tiring as preparing.

Pink Cotton, HAHA! Kamsiah kamsiah!

Irene, This is what I can do (I think) to make everyone happy. Hehe.

Ing, ...

Anonymous said...

wah, you treat your colleagues so nice 1 kah? :D how come last day geh? where are you going?

Ă…nGe|e said...

Wow :P Very nicee. So when do u invite me for dinner? :P I'd like to taste your cooking. Everything looks so yumyum! :o